Sunday, August 20, 2006

Links, Links, Links...

So I added more links. Some of these are great blogs that I have been lurking at but just got around to linking.
So if your linked to me and I have not linked you yet please email me or leave me a comment.
Or if you do not want to be linked same story...

Just another picture of my dream camera that I procrastinating about ordering.


rpm said...

You should get it! I have that model and really like it. It does way more than I use it for. I should get the manual out and read it but I haven't. The only thing is it uses four AA batteries and that makes it heavier than a camera that uses a flat battery.

Virginia Belle said...

hey, look! it's me! i'm on there!

you make me happy today, random!!

thanks for the add. :)

i, too, amd digital camera shopping. of course, i really want the $450 ELPH (i think it's a canon?). it is so small it fits inside an Altoids box. 7 pegapixels. huge LCD screen. W-O-W.

but i will get something cheaper instead. maybe one day...

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