Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Not to Wear- Beer Festival version

I wonder what this little girl in the pink dress so mesmerized by? Her mom with the same look of shock on her face.... (we later talked to her mom and her mom was grossed out by the people as well)

Wait for it....

She is looking at these people....

So this lovely couple were a bit "scary" to say the least. This festival was full of familys with lots of kids running around and these folks thought it would be ok to let their asses hang out.

Oh and I say plural because about every 10 minutes she would lift his skirt showing his bare (hair I may add) ass to the crowd.

G.R.O.S.S!! (Oh and I was going to crop out their heads but her facial expressions gives a lot to what we were witness to that evening..

And then there is the lady with the FOX HEAD on her purse. Oh yeah nothing screams I am a classy lady like a fox head.... Or squirrel it was hard to tell

And this guy would not be my friend. Yep brought his snake out to the bear tents...

I took many more pictures but these were the best.... I wish I was quicker because there were quite a few pictures I missed that would have given you a chuckle!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A little scared... Yep.

SO I am going back to school...

My new job requires that I take some courses for my job. And they pay. And the classes are during the day when I should be at work.

SO I am getting PAID to go to college, for classes that are 100% paid for.

SWEET DEAL if you ask me. And what a blessing.

I was having inner conflicts with myself about if I should tell them I was leaving in December or not, I was seriously worried about what to do. But then I though ANYTHING can happen from now until then.
So I am going to go. And get great grades.

AND I AM SCARED TO DEATH!! School seriously?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The goodness in people

It still amazes me to think about it.

The hubby was home this weekend and we went out to the movies then out to do a little shopping. Well we were at the JC Penny's and the hubby used the rest room and removed his watch to wash his hands.

Well we did not realize he lost his watch until 9:30pm and the store was closed.

It was not so much he lost the watch it was what the watch meant to him.

I gave it to him, and upset as he was I did not want to interject that I was a little upset too. I bought him that watch almost 7 years ago now.

I bought it when we were in different countries waiting to get married. I sent it with a note that said "Regardless what time zones we are in my love will always be with you"

We wrote it off because both we certain it was gone. It was a $230 watch when I bought it 7 years ago.

Its a nice watch.

On a whim this morning I went to JC Penny's. I asked if they had a lost and found and the lady asked what was lost.

She had the watch.

I was so SHOCKED really. I mean anyone could have taken it, but no someone out of the goodness of their heart returned it...

I like people.....

And then at work at the restaurant job tonight I had a table that could not pay.

Yep they ordered food and could not pay. 2 credit cards declined and then one of the ladies left to "go to the ATM machine" and when she got back she had no money.

She was given the ultimatum by the manager, either she paid their bill ($70) or we had to call the police and all 3 of them would be arrested for theft.

She started crying (I had nothing to do with the whole conversation) and she called a friend and was asking to borrow money. Well the manager let her talk and her friend could not lend her money.

Anyways long story short and 3 hours later I told my manager I did not feel right calling the police over $70 and I would just pay the bill.

I told him it would all come back to me and I was not worried. They made a bad choice (and they were older people too, like in their 40's) and it did not make sense to get the police involved.

He said they needed to learn a lesson and I explained we would let any other guest pay for another table what is the difference. Anyways on my way out one of the ladies returned (the other 2 were held ransom while she left) and paid the bill.

And left me a $20 tip. My manager was FLOORED and I explained Its the Karma.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Busy week!!

So by the end of the day tomorrow I will have logged 68 hours for the week.

Yep I am BEAT!!

Oh and I have a funny story about drama at the restaurant job. Yeah I lost my cool, called my manager a fucking asshole, then told him he has no idea what he is doing.

Did I get fired?

No, but I tried REALLY hard and I will probably get the "talking to" about the situation from my GM and thats fine. I was right and he was wrong. I was wrong for talking to him like that and I know that, and I maybe feel a little bad about it. Maybe it was a little childish because EVERYONE heard me.

But I was right and he was being an asshole! I mean RAW food went out to my table, not once but twice. THE SAME TABLE!! And he would not buy this lady her food.
I fought him like hell about it. I even offered to pay for it out of my OWN pocket because of how wrong it really was. His defense was "I talked to her about it and shes fine"

He still made her pay for her RAW FUCKING FOOD. He would not even let me offer them free deserts. Yep the other night we had a table of 4 that ordered drinks and appetizers and when they found out we were out of a specific item they made a HUGE fuss and he paid for $60 worth of shit and they left anyways...

Yeah no logic. We feed a lady raw food 2 TIMES but because she is "fine" and does not make a huge scene we make her pay??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I treated myself...

So I took all your advice and went book shopping.

Thank you all for your suggestions. Here are the 2 I bought FULL PRICE, and I put that in caps because lets face it I have not paid FULL PRICE for a book in A LONG TIME.

In my defense I did get them at Target and they were 25% off.

First is The Tao of Pooh from My Brand Of Crazy's List. To be honest when I went to look at books I had no idea what I was looking for. I think a little bit of fate put this book in my hands. I had never heard of it, then I saw it and the title and I think it was meant to be.

Also I got Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. I bought one of her books called Bitter Is The New Black and its a memoir as well as this one and I was laughing so hard at some parts I was crying so I am looking forward to this one.

AND THEN I am going to give them away. Yep. Pass it on!! I will have to think of a way to do it, maybe just a random draw for who ever is interested.

I do love me some books!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I need something to read!!

Any suggestions?

I just started one and its in my desk at work, I read on my breaks to just "get away" also because I do not really know anyone close enough in my office to break with yet.

Although I did go walking with a couple of this last week which was nice... But as the weather starts to get warmer out I am not sure how much walking I will be doing.

Also we have this GORGEOUS courtyard that has shade and the sun in the middle of our building so its the perfect place to sit out and read for a bit.. to lose yourself.

Anyways I suspect I will be finished my book in a couple of days and I have not treated myself to a new book in awhile....

So recommend away!!!! The only thing I will NOT read is romance... Nope I have tried, I have tried MANY authors and nothing... NEVER again...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I HATE the IRS!!

They are a bunch of assholes!


So yeah, just because life is fun enough EVERY year since we have been married we have been AUDITED.

And we owe.

To the tune of $771.

And it sucks ass. Because you know everyone has an extra $771 laying around.


But thats life. And I am SURE every year moving forward we will have our little run in with the IRS. And I wish it was some great story about how we "tried" or "cheated" (something we would NEVER intentionally do) the IRS out of money. But its so frustrating. We are small fish really. We do not make millions, we pay taxes OUT THE ASS all year, our refund this year was almost $3000 so needless to say they are making interest on out money.

The 2006 tax year. Yeah they audited us and we owed $11.79.

But its our fault. Stupid stuff gets missed and then they come back to us.. Oh and for shits and giggles I went through out return we just did. Oh and I found 2 letters that we forgot to include when we filed from when we opened our new bank accounts when we moved. Yeah we both got $50 for opening a new account.

Guess what we forgot to include.... Friggin Frig!!

Oh well the only sure things in life are Death and Taxes...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This was the car that my sister was in...

They are all really lucky.

She is doing well. She is REALLY upset about her boyfriend which is to be expected. He is still back in the hospital and she is being the a silly girl, saying that she does not want to get well unless he does because its not worth fighting for.....

I pray for all of their families it will be a long road to recovery..

Monday, June 09, 2008

Day One:

Went well.

I can do this for 6

The people I work with seem really nice, I was WAY over dressed today sporting a blazer, dress pants a blouse and of coarse FABULOUS shoes...

Yeah this place can not HANDLE my shoes!! Serious I could just see their faces me showing up in my bright pink shoes and They are already "talking" about my outfit today. To be honest I did look pretty sharp even some of the "bigger ups" asked if they could help me when they ran into me in the hallway.

I do make a mean first impression!!

My only thing I HATE about new jobs is your talents are going to waste. ESPECIALLY in a gav setting. I mean don't get me wrong I am very blessed and thankful for this new job but its SO SLOW!! Everything. Everyone. I swear I spent 6 of the 8 hours of work listening to chit chat, talking about new movies.....

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Contests and free stuff!!!

Ok remember this??

I was going to send a book to whoever wanted? Well I only had 2 takers and the books are going out tomorrow!!!


So Whim and Princess are going to get their books this week.

Anyone else want one??

There should be a disclamer!!

DO not go into the grocery store when your hubby has just left for over a week.

Full week 1/2.

No weekends due to his cousins wedding and him visiting his mom and friends in California.

You will purchase:

*Kraft dinner (that your dog will not even touch)
*Ice cream
*Frozen Pizza

Yep I am in for the long haul. Maybe its also that I start my new job tomorrow and I am not sure how all that is going to go.

Don't get me wrong I am SUPER excited to start the new job, but more to wear all my shoes than to be working 9-5 again. Its a great position that I will probably do pretty good in, and going in knowing I will only be there for 6 months makes it way easier.

9-5 here I come!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

"OMG Becky look at her but!!!"

The funniest thing EVER happened last night. Went out with the hubby to see his friend play in a band at a local bar.

It was a country bar so we stayed for a few sets and then headed to the "club" we like to go to.

Well my friend was BUSTING it on the dance floor when all of a sudden she looks at me..

"Dude I just split my pants!!"

"What? Your kidding right" As I burst into tears laughing and check to ensure she busted her pants "thinking" it would only be a small hole.

Nope split from the ass to her knee.

I was laughing so hard I was crying. Serious. She tried to look at me a few times and tell me it was not funny but laughed just as hard.

So we shimmy back to the hubby who is so kind as to remove his shirt (he was wearing a button down) to give to her to "escort" her and her bare ass out of the club.

It was SO funny..... And I am glad it was not me.. Although I must say that it had happened to me many moons ago when I was wearing some silver leather pants...Oh yeah all class us ladies.

All class!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I love this dog!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The new pretties!! I LOVE these shoes but I refused to buy them because they were $135, I had even tried them on in hopes that they would "talk to me and I would HAVE to have them... Nope I refused. And then 3 months later I find them, only one pair. My size. On clearance for an additional %40 off. For $22.00.

Patience is a virtue!!

And then I bought both of these fabulous shoes months ago and I was trying so hard to find a purse or even a shirt to go with them and I have not had much luck! Until yesterday when I walked into TJMAXX (another of my fav stores) and found this Jessica Simpson Purse that I once eyed months ago for $99.00.

On clearance $32.00. And its a PERFECT match!!

Finding deals and things I "need" really excites me. It rarely happens that I would find 2 GREAT deals in a week..... WEEHOO for me!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A morning off!!

So this morning I did not have to work. I told them I "would" if they needed me but lunches kind of suck and they never called so I headed out to Colorado to do some shopping..

I took Daisy with me too because she LOVES the car and it was so nice out.

I FOUND THE MOST PERFECT PURSE!!! I will post pictures too.. Oh and I bought shoes the other day I forgot about, when I found out about the new job and the fact that I am now going to be able to wear all my fabulous shoes to work I am getting REALLY excited!!

I have started putting outfits together in my head.

Oh and now I am on the mission to nail down a dress for my friends wedding in 3 weeks. I know, I know I am leaving it to the last minute but I was hoping to lose some more weight before the big day seeing how I was not looking forward to being a cow in all her wedding pictures (I am in the wedding party) I may put the dress to a vote seeing how I can not make up my mind...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Another 4 bite the dust!!

6 call in's this morning.....

Oh yeah work is fun!! (can you note the sarcasm in my voice?)

So one of the 6 that called in was out drinking last night and stupid buddy, RAN INTO YOUR MANAGER hammered off your ass and then you call in the next day.

One girl was a no call no show for the 3rd time in less than 3 weeks. She always comes in for her next shift and walks around like "What? Was I supposed to be here?" So shes gone.

Remember this?
4 people got canned? Well there were 2 left from their "group" so to speak, all really good friends and one of the call outs was "Jack" and when he called out (they were waiting for a reason) they fired him. And then the last one "Jill" was not even mature enough to call and quit and just did not show up....

And the managers made no questions about it. There are still more to come.

I am just going to set up a bed in the dry storage seeing how I worked 62 hours this week. Oh and thats even with a day off. This coming up week I imagine will not be any better....

Oh well, its a blessing in disguise really. I get to work as much as I want. The money has been great, the people I work with now are actually FUN. And the fact that I am working so much I am certainly not spending any money for now....

But I tell you what.. My first day off will be a shoe shopping day FOR SURE!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The road to recovery...

So I have the update on my sister.

She is home for now. They were able to reconstruct her bowel so thats a HUGE relief. She is having lots of problems with the nerves in her left arm. She has feeling but no pulse? If that makes any sense. They are doing nerve testing in the next week to find out how bad the damage is. This is the arm she broke her collar bone and neck thing in.. (really technical I know)

Her boyfriend was sent home only to be immediately rushed back to the hospital, he is out of his coma but has "tried" to be a tough boy and not complain about the pain. Which in his situation is a stupid thing to do, his leg and spine were crushed but it looks like he will be able to walk in a year or so with enough physio and therapy.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers
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