Sunday, June 08, 2008

There should be a disclamer!!

DO not go into the grocery store when your hubby has just left for over a week.

Full week 1/2.

No weekends due to his cousins wedding and him visiting his mom and friends in California.

You will purchase:

*Kraft dinner (that your dog will not even touch)
*Ice cream
*Frozen Pizza

Yep I am in for the long haul. Maybe its also that I start my new job tomorrow and I am not sure how all that is going to go.

Don't get me wrong I am SUPER excited to start the new job, but more to wear all my shoes than to be working 9-5 again. Its a great position that I will probably do pretty good in, and going in knowing I will only be there for 6 months makes it way easier.

9-5 here I come!!

1 comment:

Trixie said...

Good luck with the new job!

And girl? Get some veggies in! lol

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