Sunday, June 22, 2008

The goodness in people

It still amazes me to think about it.

The hubby was home this weekend and we went out to the movies then out to do a little shopping. Well we were at the JC Penny's and the hubby used the rest room and removed his watch to wash his hands.

Well we did not realize he lost his watch until 9:30pm and the store was closed.

It was not so much he lost the watch it was what the watch meant to him.

I gave it to him, and upset as he was I did not want to interject that I was a little upset too. I bought him that watch almost 7 years ago now.

I bought it when we were in different countries waiting to get married. I sent it with a note that said "Regardless what time zones we are in my love will always be with you"

We wrote it off because both we certain it was gone. It was a $230 watch when I bought it 7 years ago.

Its a nice watch.

On a whim this morning I went to JC Penny's. I asked if they had a lost and found and the lady asked what was lost.

She had the watch.

I was so SHOCKED really. I mean anyone could have taken it, but no someone out of the goodness of their heart returned it...

I like people.....

And then at work at the restaurant job tonight I had a table that could not pay.

Yep they ordered food and could not pay. 2 credit cards declined and then one of the ladies left to "go to the ATM machine" and when she got back she had no money.

She was given the ultimatum by the manager, either she paid their bill ($70) or we had to call the police and all 3 of them would be arrested for theft.

She started crying (I had nothing to do with the whole conversation) and she called a friend and was asking to borrow money. Well the manager let her talk and her friend could not lend her money.

Anyways long story short and 3 hours later I told my manager I did not feel right calling the police over $70 and I would just pay the bill.

I told him it would all come back to me and I was not worried. They made a bad choice (and they were older people too, like in their 40's) and it did not make sense to get the police involved.

He said they needed to learn a lesson and I explained we would let any other guest pay for another table what is the difference. Anyways on my way out one of the ladies returned (the other 2 were held ransom while she left) and paid the bill.

And left me a $20 tip. My manager was FLOORED and I explained Its the Karma.


whimsical brainpan said...

Those are both great stories. People can surprise you sometimes.

I think the note you gave your Hubby with that watch is beyond romantic. :-)

mSjEnA said...

Good for YOU
and your hubby is a lucky man to have someone return the watch !!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Whim- It did surprise us. We both we certain we would never see it again. We even started to shop online for a new one...

Msjena- I know we are very lucky and VERY happy too : )

T's Pink Gloves said...

"Karma, karma,kar-mA! Karma, karma, kar-mA!" I have no idea why that popped into my head when I was reading this to the toon of a whatchamabober line (conga???? Is that the word? I have no clue! LOL) but then I read your last line and thought, yep!

Anyways, I am learning to trust what I put out there to come back and you know, it still amazes me. I honestly think a majority of people out there are good, despite the very small percentage that give the rest a bad name. I am glad someone who was "good" found the watch for you.

Allan said...

Hi, I'm new here...great endings to both stories- it is the karma! One day your boss is gonna find himself in some awkward shoes, is my guess.

Midnight said...

Kind of restores your faith in human nature!

Manny said...

Hye, good on ya for that one. Really. You put good out there, and you'll get it back.

If I ever lost the Swiss Army watch my fiance bought me, she'd have my nuts in a sling.

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