Saturday, June 14, 2008

I HATE the IRS!!

They are a bunch of assholes!


So yeah, just because life is fun enough EVERY year since we have been married we have been AUDITED.

And we owe.

To the tune of $771.

And it sucks ass. Because you know everyone has an extra $771 laying around.


But thats life. And I am SURE every year moving forward we will have our little run in with the IRS. And I wish it was some great story about how we "tried" or "cheated" (something we would NEVER intentionally do) the IRS out of money. But its so frustrating. We are small fish really. We do not make millions, we pay taxes OUT THE ASS all year, our refund this year was almost $3000 so needless to say they are making interest on out money.

The 2006 tax year. Yeah they audited us and we owed $11.79.

But its our fault. Stupid stuff gets missed and then they come back to us.. Oh and for shits and giggles I went through out return we just did. Oh and I found 2 letters that we forgot to include when we filed from when we opened our new bank accounts when we moved. Yeah we both got $50 for opening a new account.

Guess what we forgot to include.... Friggin Frig!!

Oh well the only sure things in life are Death and Taxes...


kaylee said...

I agree lolo glad i dont have to deall with them :)

whimsical brainpan said...

I'm so sorry.

Why does the IRS not go after the rich people? Oh right, they can afford accountants who find loopholes. :-/

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Kaylee- Soon you will!! : )

Whim- Yep thats what I was thinking too, I mean we are such small fish and its not like we "try" to deceive them it is honest mistakes..

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