Friday, March 30, 2007

Revlon Walk for womens Cancers

Hi Everyone!!

Ok so depending on how long you have all been reading you may remember that last year I Random Musings Joined in the Fight against women's Cancers and Walked in the Revlon Walk check it out here? I wore a sign for "Anne" over at Changing it up who is currently in the fight with Ovarian Cancer and I walked with my dear friend Teresa? Well this year unfortunately I will not be able to walk because I will be in Canada, but to show my support for Teresa I would LOVE all of you to sponsor her.
To refresh your memories her Grandma and the rest of her family met us at the finish line and we pushed her across? It was a very emotional day for us all.
Recently her grandma lost her battle to this nasty disease so this year will be a little harder than the last. Please find it in your hearts to donate.

Donate here

Also your donation can be dedicated to anyone you wish and Teresa will wear the names In Memory of, or in Honor of from all your donations.

I will be adding the link to her site to my side bar until the walk. Please dig deep I believe all of us at one time or another will be touched by this thing we call Cancer WE NEED TO FIND A CURE!!

Sincerely Random Musings

Flash back

On the way to work this morning the radio show had parents call in to complain about what their kids were selling. It always seems kids are selling something or other and I happen to be a sucker.
See when I was younger I was GREAT at selling anything (serious ask my mom) I was the #1 cookie seller 3 years in a row for girl guides. I REALLY wanted this 10 speed bike they were giving away to the #1 chocolate bar seller for our gymnastics team to raise money for nationals and I ROCKED!! I remember wearing my white k-way jacket (you remember the ones you could fold into a pouch and they clipped around your waste?) Yeah I would head out in my little white jacket and my boxes of chocolate and I would work the neighborhood. If you told me to come back I would write it down in my little purple notebook and head back the next day. I ended up wining the 10 speed bike it was so pretty (and it got stolen the next day) but that's besides the point. I have always been maybe a bit competitive.
I used to score 100% on my dance exams.
I would practice ALL THE TIME to compete for gymnastics.
I won the opportunity 2 years in a row to train in the summer with The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Group.
Yeah an over achiever.

Ha ha maybe that's why when the girl guide troop came by when I was at the MIL I bought 1 box of every cookie they were selling (7 boxes in total). It really did bring back fond memories! lol

Thursday, March 29, 2007


So I walk by my desk this morning and guess what is stuck to my computer monitor?
A cute little sticker that says

"Between love and madness lies the shoe department"

Ha ha.. I wonder who figured me out? I mean it can not be that obvious right?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whos a little princess?

Yeah thats my car. And thats the hubby cleaning my car with the BIL. Serious how friggin spoiled am I? I LOVE how clean it is and I may even keep it that way.
You can not see it in the picture but you should see all the shit in my trunk. Thats going to take me a whole day to clean out!

Oh and the winner for the car name was from Sal.

Her name is Atomic Betty. (there is a story behind this name that I promise to tell one day...maybe)

Betty with the top up and Atomic Betty with the top down.. Oh yeah I love her, oh and that guy in the picture too.

I LOVE MY CAR! Not to mention it will also be the hottest summer on record out here in Southern California so this car is going to get lots of driving. We are even going to the beach for the first time I am taking Daisy to the dog park they have on a beach. Its going to be so much fun. Me, Jessica and my neighbor Marg are going with our pups.


Ok SERIOUS! Blow your fucking nose, its disgusting and GROSS not the mention totally revolting that every 3 seconds your sniffing. And trying to talk to customers on the phone. Get some fucking class!!
Oh and honey the clearing your throat is JUST AS FUCKING DISGUSTING when I can hear the phlem get swallowed.
Your a sick pig!!
Ok I am done

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I feel so bad

I have re-scheduled Daisy's surgery to be spayed. I have been reading on line that its best to wait until she has gone into heat at least 2 times before being spayed. Being the responsible pet parents that we are we called the vet to verify if this was true. They told me that it did not matter either way and they usually suggest having the dog spayed at 4-6 months. I explained my case that she was an indoor dog she was only JUST 6 months old and there was no rush to have her fixed. (the research I did also recommended she have at least 1 litter before she is fixed WHICH WILL NOT HAPPEN)
Also due to the expense (over $150) we are going to wait and shop around for cheaper surgery places. If you can wait 2 months there are places that do it for $40-60 which is quite the savings. Also because of what she's already been through being homeless and all and has finally put on weight we are waiting. She will still go in tomorrow for some more shots and a check up with blood work to make sure all is well but the spay will wait so you will have to wait for the cone head pictures at a later

Sunday, March 25, 2007

How did we get here?

So once in awhile I get a kick out of checking stat counter and how people get here. Well this time I google the "key terms" myself and was REALLY surprised.

* Boom boom let me hear you say weehoo~ I am the #1 and #2 hit for this search term WEEHOO
* weww~ I could not find the search and I went through the first 10 pages, but someone got here 3 times all different days with this search
* my poop came out black what does it mean~ I am #8 but people search this A LOT like at least 10 times a day. I am glad I can help
* black poop pepto bismol~ #8 again
* random scratches on skin, itchy cancer?~ #8 again from the post about when I got the measles.

But I did learn something new today there is a website that is called Poop Report

Serious they think of everything.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ohh 2 posts in one day

Ha ha, ok I told y'all about my friend Jessica right? Anyways she has a blog too and it appears she thinks I am crazy.

Read for yourself over at Mad Celery... I'll wait.....

And just for the record it was not illegal in ANY WAY!...Lol sneaky due to the HUGE signs that clearly read


Oh and she forgot to mention that I went to the canteen and asked for some forks? The lady only acted mildly suspicious of this asking "What do you need a fork for?"

Me...blink blink "Ummm for my hot dog????" Not to mention they did not have forks and I had to walk passed said security guard again and ask for permission to leave and come back.

Silly dog

I wake up this morning ans usually Daisy is sitting by the door ready to great me as I come out of the bedroom. Well she was not there but I did see this. All her toys and of coarse her favorite thing to chew on my Crocs. I then I hear her crying over in the corner and I ask her whats wrong?
Daisy ......
"Well why are you hiding over there?"
Daisy ....
"Come here give me a kiss"
She just sits there.....
And then I got to thinking, well shes a pretty smart dog. Shes smarter than your average dog and then

it clicks that she did something bad.
"Daisy did you do something bad, don't be shy about being messy daddy yells at mommy all the time for leaving her shit every where don't worry about it we will just pic it up?"
She sits there with that look on her face like we beat her or something.
AND THEN I SEE THIS!! At first thought and glance I thought she ripped apart the couch and I was MAD then on closer evaluation its all Kleenex. Just like her mom she likes to leave Kleenex
She is too friggin cute!!! And how can you get mad at a face like that.
What I do not understand is why she would do that if she KNOWS shes been bad....
I wonder what dogs think?
And now I have confirmed the fact that she was abused because it took me FOREVER to get her to come to me even though when I figured it was Kleenex I was laughing and giggling about how cute she is and how if hubby saw it he would laugh too saying something along the lines of
"You are your mothers daughter"

Friday, March 23, 2007

More proof that I should NEVER have kids

Daisy got sick last night, just out of the blue she started to barf. She was so quite about it the hubby was not quite sure what she was doing, she did not cry, heave nothing just barfed, he was so unsure what had happened he poked it to see what it was.
Then she did it again (on a different couch cushion)
Then again
Me having the stomach that I do its a good thing that she did not make any noise, until I thought it would be a GREAT idea to try to catch it in a tissue so it would not get on the couch again, when it looked like she was going to do it again I prepared the tissue stack and tried to place it under her face without looking


And I barfed. And we are not talking any sweet little heaves, or just grossed out gagging, nope full blown barfing from the gut for 5 minutes, snotty nose and tears down the face and everything.

From a dog. Yeah I am hopeless.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I read this article over lunch and it really sort of irked me a bit. It was in Good housekeeping and generally I enjoy there stories they are very inspiring and "hopeful"

Ok long story short, this lady was raped when she was 19 when she was in Spain and contracted HIV which she found out about 2 years later.
It then turned into full blown AIDS (this is where I skip over the part where she becomes an advocate for women living with HIV and AIDS).

Anyways what really irked me about the whole article is
THEN SHE DECIDES TO HAVE KIDS!!! KNOWING there is a chance that her children could be born with HIV!!! I mean this is my opinion but I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW SELFISH that is.

I know there has been leaps and bounds in the area and BOTH (yes she had 2) kids were not born with the virus but what if they were? What if they will still get it (takes up to 5 years to see if its in their system) you have just committed you child to a death sentence. Neither girl is healthy both have some sort of ailment and who do I blame??

Anyways that bugs me. Bottom line. I know its not my place to tell someone what they can and can not do, but all I can think of is HOW DARE SHE!!! I mean there are enough kids with problems and issues not to mention their mother will be dead before they ever get married or graduate high school. UUGGG SO ANGRY!!

Ok go on discuss.


So I decided in lue of my upcoming vacation that I am just not going to eat anything from now until then!!
FRIG! If any of you have some great "diet" ideas and things that worked for you please let me know, I am STILL 18 pounds away from my goal and I have 7 weeks to do it.

Oh and yes I know I need to go to the gym, also if you could include what motivates y'all to get your asses working out?

Yeah Thanks (as she sits here and thinks how she had pumpkin pie and whip cream for breakfast) But I did just go walking with 2 pounds weights in either hand for 20 minutes and I will keep this up for the next 7 weeks but it seems I have plateau @ 12 lost pounds. See the thing is I have SO MUCH cute clothes that I can not longer fit into since my last vacation home and I would LOVE to pull all this stuff out from the closet and have it out on the town again..

Of coarse with a few cute additions!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok so the shoe pictures are going to have to wait I'M GOING TO BINGO, some of the girls I work with are going to go out for tonight's games. I am excited really because it's been quite a while since I have been. And to make it fun we got free passes to go WEEHOO!
It will be nice to have a girls night out, not to mention if I win that would be cool too!

7 weeks from today the hubby and I will be enjoying visiting with my family and our friends. Wow it feels like forever and then it seems REALLY soon. WEHOOO

Oh and I am going to have to start a secret blog. One where I can complain about work...


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All is well

And I can now relax and stop feeling sick about this whole back situation.

Whew its over. He had his appointment and they did not say anything was wrong, he did not ask but they would have told him he says... sooo...Its done. I still have to work my magic in stuffing his wound for the next week or so but I am becoming pro at it!

Ok on to fun news, Daisy is being fixed next week and GEEZUSS its expensive to have a dog, she's so picky she will only eat the "expensive" dog food @10 for a 12 day supply. I guess its a bit of the husbands fault too for buying her the Royal Canine $12 a bag specialty Chihuahua food. It does say its good for her heart and health and the poor thing has been through an awful lot in her short life. Geez I love that little mutt. The vet asked if we would be taking the option of the cone for her after her surgery (who knew it was an option?) they said some people opt to not have the cone but he said that if she licks her wounds open she will have to go back to have it re-closed at a cost of $45. So we opted for the $11 cone. SHE IS NOT GOING TO LIKE THAT! But you can all be sure that I will certainly post pictures of how silly she looks like a good dog mommy.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Such a blond moment

So thanks to Jonathan and The Real Kidd by them leaving me comments that I POSTED EVERYTHING on my blog. I was all excited about this "new" way to blog where I can post from email from work. See I can not view or read blogs but through email I have the luxury of posting when I really should be working.
Well today I made a mistake
I forgot to remove my title from my job.
I FREAKED I could not take it down from work I called the hubby in a panic but I could not explain it all from work so I had to email the details to him
It looked something like this

Random Musings
Job title Here
Gov Job title here
Who I work for here
Address where I work including floor I work on
Personal phone # at work and cell #

Oh yeah I messed up, and then I thought I needed to close it down in fear of who may happen on it, but then everything happens for a reason and I remember why I NEVER blog about work or the people I work with. And I am happy about this. What scared me was it was no longer anonymous. I mean I checked my stats and there was some weird stuff and I am not so happy that I messed up and people know where I work, but then this is me and my private journal and there is nothing I can do about it now.

So I went shopping. And bought shoes. And the people who know my secret know it. And that's life.

Shoe pictures coming soon

I am thinking of a new career

Maybe in surgery.... (barf as if)
The hubby went in to get his wound checked and they said "Wow your wife really did a good job packing this" ** she pats herself on the back** and he even said he was proud of me.


Ok enough about the icky wound which is healing nicely thanks to my expertise.....(ok just that)

I am so on a shoe thing. I go through this once in a while because I am on the hunt for the perfect birthday shoes for Sal I have been distracted myself to find some new shoes. But I am being SO PICKY, I found these cute red ones yesterday but I REFUSE to pay $60 for shoes. I can not do it because I know I will find the EXACT same shoe for $20 the next week. And lets face it I rarely find shoes that I HAVE TO HAVE OR DIE.... so its not really that big of a problem right?? I mean if I can still walk away?

*Edited by jealous husband!*

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Is this not the cutest thing!!

Walrus found a home with our neighbours, she was the last pup to go.
Hubby is kissing her good bye
Here are the pictures of the WOUND that I am a rock start keeping stuffed!! NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART!! Click here
Not the best pictures.
Now I promise to stop talking about it! : )
I know pretty gross huh?

A good day

Seeing how the hubby is "injured" he has the weekend off. He has not had a weekend off in 7 months. It was so nice to spend so much time with him, I did not realize how much I missed him. Probably sounds a bit strange to some seeing how we live together and sleep together every night but the time we spent together today was so much fun. We had lunch first at Red Lobster which was funny because we soon realized just before I started to cry that EVERY TIME we go to Red Lobster I cry.
The day he proposed to me we had lunch at Red Lobster and I was crying because I thought he was going to break up with me (no he did not propose there)
My sisters 18th birthday I cried all day at Red Lobster
Last time we went I cried because of the whole Dr and baby situation
And today I almost cried thinking he was terminally ill because they booked and appointment to "talk about the results of the biopsy"
Anyways we laughed the rest of the time through lunch at how silly I can be, I tried to play it off like I was tough and complex and he mocked me like "Sure babe your SO complex, your about as complex as a rubex cube" dripping with sarcasm.
Gotta love him
Then we went to see Premonition, he hated it I liked it. It got horrible reviews but I liked the whole feel good moments at the end.
AND THEN HE TOOK ME SHOPPING FOR SHOES!! Ok not sure if I ever explained his disdain for my shoe fetish or the fact that HE HATES TO SHOP! And he did not even complain once, and I got a sweet pair of new shoes but they are not for me.
Can you guess who they are for?

I know they are pretty funky but when I saw them I had to get them and for only $16 I could not get them.

So Salinna what do you think?

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I just did it myself!! ALL BY MY FUCKING SELF (sorry curse word SO needed to emphasize HOW BIG of a thing this is for me)
I can not believe I did it.

And he said I was better than the DR because it did not hurt as much ( I think he just said it to make me feel better)


Ok breath.

I faint at the site of blood. I faint SO much that on my blood donor card I am required to have a nurse with me THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME! Serious.

And going to the DR. Oh yeah shake like a leaf at needles I JUST PREPARED A FUCKING SYRINGE OF LIDO CANE (shh don't say anything the Dr. snuck it to us but it was not injected just poured into the wound) to dump in my husbands back!!

He was SO worried I was going to get sick or pass out, so bad that we were going to ask the BIL to stay in case something happened, I was worried I was going to get sick and pass out,


And he's going to let me TAKE PICTURES tomorrow so y'all can see what I have been up too!! Don't worry I will post the pics so you'll have to click the links to see them.

WEEHOOO nothing to bring down this high!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007


We went to the hospital this morning @ 7am, they even referred to me as "The packer" I was given a lesson (YES ME the one who passes out at the sight of blood) on how to clean, and stuff the wound how to unfold the tools so delicately to ensure no cross contaminants get into the wound.
Its big.
Its HUGE really, they took 4 feet of stuffing from it. **shudders at this thought again**

BUT I AM SO PROUD of myself. Serious, I pass out at needles, at the sight of blood, and anything gross I barf. And I watch and learned THE WHOLE TIME!! I even bent over for a closer look to see how big the hole was!!!

The only time I got light headed was when it was all done and the wound was covered and I took a look at all the bloody sheets, towels ect. That made me light headed but I did not let on that I was not feeling ok and I got over it. I hid it so well the hubby was probably pretty surprised.

It's SO hard to see a loved one in that much pain. I cried a little (only one tear) when they were doing in and he was wincing in pain (but shh its a secret) and it looked like it hurt SO bad.

I told him on the way home that he had to be good like he was at the hospital and not scream at me while I do his "packing" the Dr even said I had to be aggressive and make sure there is enough stuffing in it.

Oh yeah this should be a fun weekend. They also booked an appointment with him @ 1 on Tuesday for the results of the biopsy. Anyone work in a hospital and know why would they book an appointment? I mean if its all "fine" would they still book an appointment?

OK freaking out maybe a little? I know its all going to be ok but I am a women, and a wife that worries.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goodness I love that man

So the hubby has had this bump on his back for about 2 years now, when I first noticed it he went to the hospital and gave him Antibiotics and sent him home. That was about a year ago. Well about 5 days ago it started to get bigger (it had never gone away) and he went back to the hospital and they put him on Antibiotics warning him that if he gets a fever or feels sick to come straight back it had been really painful and they said the drugs would help.
Well last night he came to bed and I asked to look at it and it had gotten EVEN BIGGER and had popped and was oozing. Well I started to panic (and lets face it I dry heaved) because they had warned him that if it pops it could get infected and to come back. So he left last night at 11pm to head to the emergency room they took a biopsy of it and carved it out of him. The results will take a little while to come back.
I was scared, I had never seen my hubby like that, the pain was SO bad that he was bent over cursing. Well thank goodness I had AMPLE amounts of Vicodin and any other pain killer you could imagine in storage for occasions just like these. He had been up for over 24 hours so he took a few pain killers and off to bed he went.
See this is another reason I could never have kids, I sit here at work every time the phone rings I jump up because I am thinking its him and something is wrong, I am sick to my stomach with worry even though I know there is nothing I can do about it. And then I worry about him being in pain because lets face it men can be real babies about stuff like
Oh and when we are sitting in bed I asked him if he was in this much pain in the hospital and why did he not ask for pain killers or to be put under because it hurt so much
"Well I did not want them to think I was a pussy"

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

600 posts!!

So if anyone knows how to remote/email blog please email me or leave a comment how to. I can not friggin figure it out! **** edit I just figured out I was emailing the wrong address whoops, so not y'all are in trouble I can email from work!***

THIS IS .#600. Wow where does the time go. So in honor of my 600th post I open up the comments and you can ask me WHATEVER you want. And because I have no shame I will answer all your questions. So go ahead I know you wanna.

Hey I know how to make it more interesting, how about you ask me AND the hubby questions and I will have him answer them and post them. ha ha.. this should be fun.

Ok in Random news there are some HUGE things going on a work that I will be able to blog about tomorrow "hypothetically" that is. I am sure y'all can read between the lines about it. Hopefully good news.

GETTING SO EXCITED for our trip home. Its going to be so much fun, I miss everyone so bad! And Salinna has put me on a mission. She wants red shoes for her birthday SOOOO I guess I need to hit the mall. She also gave me specific "Rules" that I can only get her one pair. ha ha... yeah we will see how that one works

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Friggin Computer

OK so the main computer is not working properly at home.

And I can not blog at work (as if I would...yeah right) so I am a bit behind, and I have not been able to catch up on anyone. Or post about my colon flush because I know you are all dying to hear about

Ok be back soon I am going to figure out how to post via email, then you will all be in trouble when I start email posting from work out of frustration!! Oh yeah that should be fun!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Everything happens for a reason?

So 2 years ago Yesterday.
Wow it feels like forever but yet it still feels like it just happened.
I was hurt at work. I was left permanently disabled, in pain.

At first I was angry. I was really angry. And then I got over it. I
feel blessed to have the strength to get passed this. Also that the hubby
stuck through this with me and supported me in every move I made. Even
the people I work with now say things like "Wow, I would never work
again if I did not have to"

I could not stay at home forever. I could have, but that's not me
that's not my character I was miserable at home. I was required to stay home
for over a year the minute the Dr signed the papers for me to go back
(with limited duties) I jumped. I applied for over 40 jobs I interviewed
and was offered 9 (all of the ones I interviewed for) I was honest with
all of them. I later realized that I did not have to be, I was not
required to tell them all of my disability or my work restrictions until
after I was hired. I was honest anyways. I told them my restrictions
straight from the start, I told them of my accident in a positive light.
They offered me the jobs anyways.

And then I got screwed. I applied for and was offered a job with a BIG
company. So big that if I told you all the company name you know them.
They are HUGE. They are in every state they are on everyone's TV they
are huge.
All the paper work was filled out and I was sent for my physical. I got
a call 2 days later from the manager who hired me "Unfortunately we are
going to have to take back the offer of employment, something came up
in your physical and if you have any questions please call our HR dept"

I called and I was told "We can not have your problem become our
problem" (you can read the story here)

And then this guy left me a comment on my blog just after my nervous
breakdown. I freaked out, I thought I would never be able to work again.
He told me that it was against the law for this company to do this. I
called my lawyer (from the work place accident) and asked her. It was
against the law.

So I fought. I filed a claim. Although never expecting anything to come
of it I filed it anyways. I was mad that this company did this to me.
It was unfair. And I am a fighter.

Seeing how I did not want to cry over spilt milk I accepted another
job. For more money it was further from home (the other job was 2 miles
from my house) but it was a job, and my disabled ass had a job and I was
excited and I flourished.

The new job was great I did a good job they were sad that I left to
accept a better position. I move on to a better job, more money, closer to
home, more opportunities.

I then found out about my case. I won the right to sue the BIG company.
I had already moved on an opted not to. I was over it and there was no
need to take it further. They had a big red mark put on there record
and opted to pay me off for the 2 weeks pay I lost before I found another
better paying job (if I had still been unemployed I could have
collected for all that time) They admitted they were wrong and they paid me 2
weeks salary

Again they say everything happens for a reason.

When I got to my new job I was there for 5 days and offered another
position with the same "company" but more pay better position more room
for growth. I accepted it and that is where I am now. I like my job, more
or less I like some of the people I work with. Its Gov so a bunch of
things REALLY suck about working with monkeys but its a job. A good job,
a job I like and that I am good at.

And then this lady comes into my work, she passes me a business card
and says "This saved my life"
I became the brunt of some jokes when I showed people the card it was
for Colon Hydrotherapy. I remember about a year back when my intestines
were bleeding (from all the drugs and pain killers they had me on after
my accident) my Dr had mentioned something like this. I got on line and
did a BUNCH of research. It looked pretty gross but all I read was good
things. Did you know all diseases, cancers, sickness comes from your
intestines? So I booked an appointment and talked to everyone at work
about it. I became the guinea pig. I was REALLY leery at first I checked
the credentials read some more about this Natural Hydrotherapy.

And I went. I laughed I mean who likes to poop with someone else in the
room (I will post all the details in a different posting) IT WAS AN

Saturday I experienced the first day in 2 years with no pain.

And then Sunday was the same. No pain.

And today no pain.

I will wear the scars for the rest of my life of that accident. This
gives me hope that the future is not so grim. (Also that I wish she would
have come into my life 2 years ago. Or even a year ago when I fought
with my Dr's and told them I REFUSE to take even 1 more pill EVER for the
pain) Had I listened to the Dr's and not been such a rebel at this
point I would have a morphine pump installed in my hip and be a morphine

Everything does really happen for a reason, for what ever reason that
may be......

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby its hot outside

Sorry for lack of posts. Things going on.

Took Daisy and Tito (with Jessica) to the doggie park to enjoy the weather. Top was down 90 degrees today in March. Then Jessica and I went for buffet lunch that was super yummy at our regular Indian food restaurant. So good.

Here is Daisy enjoying the weather while we wait for her burger at McDonald's (I know I am so bad feeding her a burger) but it only happens once in a while and she LOVES it. And shes such a good dog and deserves a treat too!!

Yeah we are keeping her. Its pretty obvious huh?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I swear she is not a rat!

But for some reason all the pictures I take of her she looks like a rat.... Or a dear caught in the head lights.
I am going to have to post another video to show y'all really how friggin cute she really is!
And shes FINALLY finding her voice and getting a little attitude (I know AS IF my dog would have an attitude) But shes so cute when you ignore her and she wants to play she sneezes and has now started barking at us for attention.
Gotta love her.

I am glad.

So the services for my MIL friend were today. I really dislike funerals, the services. Although today was nice. He was a Vietnam vet so the services were formal with the flag folding and taps on the bugle. The bishop said something that stuck with me.
He said each day we should be glad. We should live each day as if it was our last and eventually it will be. It also made the hubby and I talk about making plans, for instance emergency phone numbers, putting our wishes in writing and having a big envelope that says "In case of death"
We also really need to think about life insurance and get busy making those plans too, we both briefly discussed what we want done (for instance if my death is tragic yet they can use my organs got for it) I have signed my donor cards.
But we both talked about I really do not want people to be sad if I die. That's life, be happy celebrate my life. I asked him what he would say to people at my funeral and he said


And in all honesty I would LOVE for him to say that, it would make people laugh, it would help people understand our relationship.

But the bishop said we should be glad.

So I am glad

1. For the love and support I get each day from the hubby.

2. That I am able to work, and live the life I have been chosen to live.

3. That I have SO MANY friends and family who love me.

4. That I have been so blessed in my life to have experienced some of the things I have been able to do (Helping after Hurricane Katrina is one of the things top on my list)

5. To have food and shelter and not ever have to go without.

6. To have been taught what it is to love and be loved.

7. To have my health (which the hubby would disagree with because he thinks I am anything but healthy with all my aliments but it could always be worse)

8. To have 1000 other things I could list and this is just the top things.

What are you glad for?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I think this is entertaining really the hubby and the BIL are a little embarrassed that I got up and took the picture, but I had to, or you would not have believed me. See this happens EVERY TIME we go to the movies. See how the rest of the theater is empty, yeah and that guy sitting next to the BIL yeah we don't know them. Nope they could have sat any where else but now right beside us. Too bad I did not wait a moment longer because the trailer park boys sat RIGHT behind us.
Serious people What the FUCK!

Oh and I KNOW the shoes are horrible, and they will be used only for dog walking purposes (except today when I wore them to work!! lol) Serious. I need help.
It looks like one of my bestest friends Salinna is going to disown me too. She so embarrassed I bought them cause shes ALWAYS loved my taste in shoes. Except these ones

Monday, March 05, 2007

So I bought these new shoes

Ok Patty called me out and said I was slacking on the shoe front and was wondering if I was holding out..... I am ashamed...
I know they are the UGLIEST things EVER, Jessica has a pair and I always bug her when she wears them. I told her I was secretly going to sneak into her place and get ride of them they are so awful. Well when we were in Vegas there was a HUGE kiosk with these things and she challenged me to try them on.

THEY WERE THE MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS EVER. SERIOUS. out there site So I bought a pair. They are perfect for the dog park and early morning walks with Daisy. Oh and when the hubby saw them he said "Your going to change your shoes before we go out right?"

He says all the doctor's and nurses wear them at the hospital and now I know why they are so comfy.
Oh and I had to buy the kids size cause my feet are so small. Yeah kids size 5. Really.

Apparently Daisy has great fashion sense too because as soon as I got them home she immediately tried to save me from myself by chewing them all night.

Good Dog

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Because you all could not be in Vegas with me

I took video of our landing.... Its not the same thing I know but so y'all know I was thinking of you

So what would you call this?

Driving back from Vegas there is this little town. Humm I wonder where you would tell people you are from??

Any guesses?? I had to slow down so Jessica could get a picture of this sign so you would all believe me.



Tickets are booked WEEHOO
Time is booked off work!! TIME TO GET EXCITED!!!

So May 9th till the 22nd the hubby and I will be flying home to spend 2 weeks with friends and family!! I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!

We happen to be there the week of the Tulip Festival too, the city does it up and over 3 million tullips are in bloom (what a great picture op) which is really cool they have a bunch of unsigned bands that play every night in an event that's called Ottawa Rocks

So FRIGGIN EXCITED!! I think I am going to need a new photo card. One that hold 1 million pictures!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sorry forgot the camera

Daisy is getting better at the dog park. She used to be REALLY afraid of everything but now she'll actually give chase to some of the smaller dogs.
There was this IDIOT couple there that had 5 dogs, they brought 2 dogs into the park and then went back to get the others, in the time it took them to get the other dogs, the 2 dogs they had left the one black one bit and attached one of the other pets owners AND HER DOG!! She asked me for advice on if she should tell the owner that there dog attacked her and I told her she should.
Do you know what they had the nerve to say

"Well you should not have gone near them!!"

THERE DOG ATTACKED HERS!! Oh and then the icing on the cake is they brought BURGERS TO THE FUCKING DOG PARK!!! There are "rules" posted that you are not supposed to bring food in for obvious reasons but they did not care!! Oh and they had 5 dogs and NEVER ONCE cleaned up any shit!


And I forgot the camera so no pics this time but I promise this weekend!

Hack, wheeze sniff

So sick! So sick that I got yesterday. it was bad, could have been the puke on my shirt not sure.

My head is about to explode along with the rest of my body.

Because Daisy has been such a good pup the last few days I am going to take this time off and take her to the doggie park. Hacking and wheezing and everything.

I will take pictures and maybe some video for you all... Stay tuned
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