Friday, March 23, 2007

More proof that I should NEVER have kids

Daisy got sick last night, just out of the blue she started to barf. She was so quite about it the hubby was not quite sure what she was doing, she did not cry, heave nothing just barfed, he was so unsure what had happened he poked it to see what it was.
Then she did it again (on a different couch cushion)
Then again
Me having the stomach that I do its a good thing that she did not make any noise, until I thought it would be a GREAT idea to try to catch it in a tissue so it would not get on the couch again, when it looked like she was going to do it again I prepared the tissue stack and tried to place it under her face without looking


And I barfed. And we are not talking any sweet little heaves, or just grossed out gagging, nope full blown barfing from the gut for 5 minutes, snotty nose and tears down the face and everything.

From a dog. Yeah I am hopeless.


rpm said...

I can pick up a lot of poopy but the throw-up is so hard for me but I do it anyway. I try to get mine outside when I see them get that sick look/sound going on.

Patty said...

You poor things! Go to the depends isle in the grocery store and buy some big incontinence pads to keep on hand. You can either keep these on the couch all the time and remove them when company comes, or use it like you attempted to use the tissues. They are waterproof enough that they will catch the mess and you simply gather it up and toss it. No couch cushions to clean, no wet spots to sit in.

As to you joining in, once you had kids for a while (even down the road with Daisy) you will learn to dial down the empathy button a bit. If your barfing is purely reflexive, the pads will catch yours as well.

T-girl said...

The dogs STILL make me gag and want to DIE but the kid, she can crap all over me and I am like "oh, that is nothing poor little thing!" I have a funny story of when she was a few days old and she FOUNTINED the poo... while I was trying to change her in daddies brand new pick-up truck because there was no changing table at BK!!!!! VERY funny... NOW! LOL

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