Sunday, March 04, 2007


Tickets are booked WEEHOO
Time is booked off work!! TIME TO GET EXCITED!!!

So May 9th till the 22nd the hubby and I will be flying home to spend 2 weeks with friends and family!! I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!

We happen to be there the week of the Tulip Festival too, the city does it up and over 3 million tullips are in bloom (what a great picture op) which is really cool they have a bunch of unsigned bands that play every night in an event that's called Ottawa Rocks

So FRIGGIN EXCITED!! I think I am going to need a new photo card. One that hold 1 million pictures!


Patty said...

Since I haven't seen any pics of new shoes lately, and I KNOW you wouldn't hold out on us, you must have a little of your tax refund left to invest in a new photo card or two. I am already looking forward to the tulip pictures. I can never decide which colors are my favorite, but being one of the first flowers of the season, they always make me feel hopeful and happy.

Anonymous said...

Guess i can start shopping around for strippers then. sweet.

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