Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I swear she is not a rat!

But for some reason all the pictures I take of her she looks like a rat.... Or a dear caught in the head lights.
I am going to have to post another video to show y'all really how friggin cute she really is!
And shes FINALLY finding her voice and getting a little attitude (I know AS IF my dog would have an attitude) But shes so cute when you ignore her and she wants to play she sneezes and has now started barking at us for attention.
Gotta love her.


ally said...

daisy is so freakin' cute. i'm glad she is getting confident. she sounds too adorable.

Patty said...

SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A RAT! She is cute as a...DAISY! Try putting a pink bow in her hair, that should quell any rat feelings you have for her.

Oh! And now is the time you start to teach her to sing. My dogs favorite song is (Of course) "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window." When they sing even our most deaf resident sits up and takes notice.

Dixie said...

Man, she's cute!

Try getting down to her level to take pictures of her. It's that angle, pointing the camera down at her, that makes her look rat like!

Anonymous said...

so I guess this means you guys are keeping her?


RWA said...

Cute rat.

My bad.

Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

"my dog" so then you have seen the light?

she's such a cute little peanut.

rpm said...

I'm in love with her too. She is so cute!

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