Monday, March 12, 2007

Everything happens for a reason?

So 2 years ago Yesterday.
Wow it feels like forever but yet it still feels like it just happened.
I was hurt at work. I was left permanently disabled, in pain.

At first I was angry. I was really angry. And then I got over it. I
feel blessed to have the strength to get passed this. Also that the hubby
stuck through this with me and supported me in every move I made. Even
the people I work with now say things like "Wow, I would never work
again if I did not have to"

I could not stay at home forever. I could have, but that's not me
that's not my character I was miserable at home. I was required to stay home
for over a year the minute the Dr signed the papers for me to go back
(with limited duties) I jumped. I applied for over 40 jobs I interviewed
and was offered 9 (all of the ones I interviewed for) I was honest with
all of them. I later realized that I did not have to be, I was not
required to tell them all of my disability or my work restrictions until
after I was hired. I was honest anyways. I told them my restrictions
straight from the start, I told them of my accident in a positive light.
They offered me the jobs anyways.

And then I got screwed. I applied for and was offered a job with a BIG
company. So big that if I told you all the company name you know them.
They are HUGE. They are in every state they are on everyone's TV they
are huge.
All the paper work was filled out and I was sent for my physical. I got
a call 2 days later from the manager who hired me "Unfortunately we are
going to have to take back the offer of employment, something came up
in your physical and if you have any questions please call our HR dept"

I called and I was told "We can not have your problem become our
problem" (you can read the story here)

And then this guy left me a comment on my blog just after my nervous
breakdown. I freaked out, I thought I would never be able to work again.
He told me that it was against the law for this company to do this. I
called my lawyer (from the work place accident) and asked her. It was
against the law.

So I fought. I filed a claim. Although never expecting anything to come
of it I filed it anyways. I was mad that this company did this to me.
It was unfair. And I am a fighter.

Seeing how I did not want to cry over spilt milk I accepted another
job. For more money it was further from home (the other job was 2 miles
from my house) but it was a job, and my disabled ass had a job and I was
excited and I flourished.

The new job was great I did a good job they were sad that I left to
accept a better position. I move on to a better job, more money, closer to
home, more opportunities.

I then found out about my case. I won the right to sue the BIG company.
I had already moved on an opted not to. I was over it and there was no
need to take it further. They had a big red mark put on there record
and opted to pay me off for the 2 weeks pay I lost before I found another
better paying job (if I had still been unemployed I could have
collected for all that time) They admitted they were wrong and they paid me 2
weeks salary

Again they say everything happens for a reason.

When I got to my new job I was there for 5 days and offered another
position with the same "company" but more pay better position more room
for growth. I accepted it and that is where I am now. I like my job, more
or less I like some of the people I work with. Its Gov so a bunch of
things REALLY suck about working with monkeys but its a job. A good job,
a job I like and that I am good at.

And then this lady comes into my work, she passes me a business card
and says "This saved my life"
I became the brunt of some jokes when I showed people the card it was
for Colon Hydrotherapy. I remember about a year back when my intestines
were bleeding (from all the drugs and pain killers they had me on after
my accident) my Dr had mentioned something like this. I got on line and
did a BUNCH of research. It looked pretty gross but all I read was good
things. Did you know all diseases, cancers, sickness comes from your
intestines? So I booked an appointment and talked to everyone at work
about it. I became the guinea pig. I was REALLY leery at first I checked
the credentials read some more about this Natural Hydrotherapy.

And I went. I laughed I mean who likes to poop with someone else in the
room (I will post all the details in a different posting) IT WAS AN

Saturday I experienced the first day in 2 years with no pain.

And then Sunday was the same. No pain.

And today no pain.

I will wear the scars for the rest of my life of that accident. This
gives me hope that the future is not so grim. (Also that I wish she would
have come into my life 2 years ago. Or even a year ago when I fought
with my Dr's and told them I REFUSE to take even 1 more pill EVER for the
pain) Had I listened to the Dr's and not been such a rebel at this
point I would have a morphine pump installed in my hip and be a morphine

Everything does really happen for a reason, for what ever reason that
may be......


Dixie said...

Oh yeah, everything happens for a reason. Even though it may suck at that moment in time, the reason will be revealed later. Always.

Woodrow said...

I don't get how your intestines flushed stops pain. Seems like it would be good for a lot of things, but pain?

Yay, though. Whatever works.

rpm said...

That's so interesting. Was it the colon flush that stopped the pain or were you able to quit taking medication after the colon flush?

ally said...

this must be the month of colons. my friend and i decided that our liver and colons occasionally need cleansing. i was doing research last week and it's amazing on what's in our bodies.

i think it works because it's releases the toxins in our body. our liver and colon are our sewage pipes and if the pipes are clogged then we don't feel good.

Patty said...

Right on sister Random!

Ever since I heard about colon flushing I have wanted to try it, but have been too chicken. So you will do it again? And just how was it to poop in front of someone else? Did he/she make comments about the quality/toxins coming out of your colon? This is what I fear the most. Some things I just don't want to know. Fix it yes! Share the details of how badly it was broken, no thanks!

T-girl said...

Ugh! No thank you! I like to hang on to everything, you never know when you can use it agian!

I TOTALLY agree about everything happening for a reason. You just never know!

So... what company! ROTFL

The Real Kidd said...

OMG! How in the world did a colon flush stop the pain?!

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