Friday, March 16, 2007


We went to the hospital this morning @ 7am, they even referred to me as "The packer" I was given a lesson (YES ME the one who passes out at the sight of blood) on how to clean, and stuff the wound how to unfold the tools so delicately to ensure no cross contaminants get into the wound.
Its big.
Its HUGE really, they took 4 feet of stuffing from it. **shudders at this thought again**

BUT I AM SO PROUD of myself. Serious, I pass out at needles, at the sight of blood, and anything gross I barf. And I watch and learned THE WHOLE TIME!! I even bent over for a closer look to see how big the hole was!!!

The only time I got light headed was when it was all done and the wound was covered and I took a look at all the bloody sheets, towels ect. That made me light headed but I did not let on that I was not feeling ok and I got over it. I hid it so well the hubby was probably pretty surprised.

It's SO hard to see a loved one in that much pain. I cried a little (only one tear) when they were doing in and he was wincing in pain (but shh its a secret) and it looked like it hurt SO bad.

I told him on the way home that he had to be good like he was at the hospital and not scream at me while I do his "packing" the Dr even said I had to be aggressive and make sure there is enough stuffing in it.

Oh yeah this should be a fun weekend. They also booked an appointment with him @ 1 on Tuesday for the results of the biopsy. Anyone work in a hospital and know why would they book an appointment? I mean if its all "fine" would they still book an appointment?

OK freaking out maybe a little? I know its all going to be ok but I am a women, and a wife that worries.



Jonathan said...

I think it really depends on the doctor on if they make an appointment or if they call to tell the results of the biopsy. It may be they want to take a look at the place again so they are taking care of both things at one time. I hope he is better soon.

Patty said...

I am so jealous! I LOVE WOUND CARE! The bigger and goopier the better. Since I take such good care of my OPs I never get to do it anymore.

I agree with Jonathan, it is most likely that they want to take a peak at the wound and see how it is progressing. One can report progress, but seeing for yourself (compairing it to the last time you looked) is always better and more reasurring.

Worry on dear wife. I am proud of how you are stepping up to care for hubby inspite of your feelings. You might just end up getting hooked and changing careers!

Patty said...

Peek, NOT peak!

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