Friday, March 30, 2007

Flash back

On the way to work this morning the radio show had parents call in to complain about what their kids were selling. It always seems kids are selling something or other and I happen to be a sucker.
See when I was younger I was GREAT at selling anything (serious ask my mom) I was the #1 cookie seller 3 years in a row for girl guides. I REALLY wanted this 10 speed bike they were giving away to the #1 chocolate bar seller for our gymnastics team to raise money for nationals and I ROCKED!! I remember wearing my white k-way jacket (you remember the ones you could fold into a pouch and they clipped around your waste?) Yeah I would head out in my little white jacket and my boxes of chocolate and I would work the neighborhood. If you told me to come back I would write it down in my little purple notebook and head back the next day. I ended up wining the 10 speed bike it was so pretty (and it got stolen the next day) but that's besides the point. I have always been maybe a bit competitive.
I used to score 100% on my dance exams.
I would practice ALL THE TIME to compete for gymnastics.
I won the opportunity 2 years in a row to train in the summer with The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Group.
Yeah an over achiever.

Ha ha maybe that's why when the girl guide troop came by when I was at the MIL I bought 1 box of every cookie they were selling (7 boxes in total). It really did bring back fond memories! lol


Southern (in)Sanity said...

So, did you ever consider a career in sales or marketing?

Dixie said...

Dang girl! You did rock!

I was a slacker. I hated participating. In anything.

Anonymous said...

I know that I only sold enough boxes so I could go to Girl Scout Camp, which was an insanely amount of boxes. I think I presold, half to my family and then my mom bought the rest and I had to sell them outside the supermarkets and around the neighborhood. It was great when I was little, but as soon as I hit 12, it was really hard to sell so many boxes...they always bought from the younger girls!

CruiserMel said...

Okay - here it comes... a Girl Scout cookie craving... I'm glad I've got a box hiding in my freezer.

Patty said...

On the flip side, I never let my kids sale door to door because I hate it when kids come to my door wanting me to buy over priced trash. What I did instead was find out how much profit the group wanted the kids to make and wrote them a check to show my support. In fact I just wrote my last hundred and fifty dollar check last week. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to check it off the list of lasts for me and public school!

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