Thursday, March 22, 2007


So I decided in lue of my upcoming vacation that I am just not going to eat anything from now until then!!
FRIG! If any of you have some great "diet" ideas and things that worked for you please let me know, I am STILL 18 pounds away from my goal and I have 7 weeks to do it.

Oh and yes I know I need to go to the gym, also if you could include what motivates y'all to get your asses working out?

Yeah Thanks (as she sits here and thinks how she had pumpkin pie and whip cream for breakfast) But I did just go walking with 2 pounds weights in either hand for 20 minutes and I will keep this up for the next 7 weeks but it seems I have plateau @ 12 lost pounds. See the thing is I have SO MUCH cute clothes that I can not longer fit into since my last vacation home and I would LOVE to pull all this stuff out from the closet and have it out on the town again..

Of coarse with a few cute additions!


Anonymous said...

don't feel so bad, my weightloss for your trip home hasn't even begun. It started while I was in Vancouver, I lost 7 pounds in a week but they must have snuck into my suitcase when I wasn't looking cause when I got home, I unpacked a few days later and the 7 pounds found my ass AGAIN!!! those lil bastards! So needless to say, this afternoon when I ate a pecan butter tart and a small bag of sweedish berries... I am feelin your pain sista!

But we will still rock the show when you are here :P


The Real Kidd said...

OK, this is not a diet I use all the time but something I will do when I want to drop the pounds for something special.

Sacred Heart Diet

You will find sites that say it's great and you will find sites that say don't do it and you will find sites that say it's not a real diet. All I can say is that do that for 2 weeks and you will lose those last 10-20 lbs.

Good luck!

Patty said...

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU STOP EATING! (notice the caps for emphasis) This will just screw up your body and you will gain even more weight. Having said that, OF COURSE I am now going to go check out the real kidd's diet plan. Who among us isn't looking for the fast track to weight loss?

Magnolia Sun said...

Last year I started going to Weight Watchers and lost 25 pounds (in 4 months) and I've kept it off for almost a year now. I know you are wanting something fast but really nothing fast stays off. You can go to the WW website for ideas without joining. It really is a good program and you can eat anything. I sound like a WW commerical but it really does work. Good luck.

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