Monday, March 19, 2007

Such a blond moment

So thanks to Jonathan and The Real Kidd by them leaving me comments that I POSTED EVERYTHING on my blog. I was all excited about this "new" way to blog where I can post from email from work. See I can not view or read blogs but through email I have the luxury of posting when I really should be working.
Well today I made a mistake
I forgot to remove my title from my job.
I FREAKED I could not take it down from work I called the hubby in a panic but I could not explain it all from work so I had to email the details to him
It looked something like this

Random Musings
Job title Here
Gov Job title here
Who I work for here
Address where I work including floor I work on
Personal phone # at work and cell #

Oh yeah I messed up, and then I thought I needed to close it down in fear of who may happen on it, but then everything happens for a reason and I remember why I NEVER blog about work or the people I work with. And I am happy about this. What scared me was it was no longer anonymous. I mean I checked my stats and there was some weird stuff and I am not so happy that I messed up and people know where I work, but then this is me and my private journal and there is nothing I can do about it now.

So I went shopping. And bought shoes. And the people who know my secret know it. And that's life.

Shoe pictures coming soon


Ally said...

things happen. besides, i didn't see so you are a-okay with me. ;) i need to start figuring different ways to post to my blog. i used to do it through Hello when i posted pics but Google no longer supports it. but that's neither here or there.

shopping is the cure all for everything!

Patty said...

EVERYTHNG happens for a reason...The best excuse I have ever heard to go shoe shopping yet!

Reminds me of this past February. I have been so careful over the past year not to devulge personal info. After getting my Valentine letter, one out of state friend wrote a reply nameing both my youngest and the state we live in. After the momentary intake of breath, I could only laugh and say so what (though I will say here your slip might have been much more damaging than hers). And yes, the info is still there if anyone reading this wants to go digging for it.

GERBEN said...

LOL, don't sweat it honey. We all have blond moments. I'm sure everything will be ok.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Wow, just my bad luck. Your phone number was printed for everyone to see - and I missed it!

Anonymous said...

Luckily, I can't really blog by email with my blog...I know that sounds weird.

But, if I were to blog by my work email, IT would have a copy of it and they would be wondering why I was sending emails to external email addresses.

I've even gotten so paranoid, that I blocked all the company IP addresses from viewing my blog. So, I can't even look at mine if I wanted to and neither can anyone else who works there.

Mummy said...

im laughing, but only at you having no choice but to buy shoes. and then im laughing cos your 'secret' shoe fetish cannot be a secret to whoever has come across you cos of the address faux pas!! oh, and then im sorta going, SHIIIIT about you doing that, and how you musta freaked (you know how para I am, I woulda lost it too!)

Pleased you got it sorted Random, but cant work out what has happened to the blog look. (Ive been slack)

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