Saturday, March 17, 2007


I just did it myself!! ALL BY MY FUCKING SELF (sorry curse word SO needed to emphasize HOW BIG of a thing this is for me)
I can not believe I did it.

And he said I was better than the DR because it did not hurt as much ( I think he just said it to make me feel better)


Ok breath.

I faint at the site of blood. I faint SO much that on my blood donor card I am required to have a nurse with me THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME! Serious.

And going to the DR. Oh yeah shake like a leaf at needles I JUST PREPARED A FUCKING SYRINGE OF LIDO CANE (shh don't say anything the Dr. snuck it to us but it was not injected just poured into the wound) to dump in my husbands back!!

He was SO worried I was going to get sick or pass out, so bad that we were going to ask the BIL to stay in case something happened, I was worried I was going to get sick and pass out,


And he's going to let me TAKE PICTURES tomorrow so y'all can see what I have been up too!! Don't worry I will post the pics so you'll have to click the links to see them.

WEEHOOO nothing to bring down this high!!!


Ally said...

you totally rock. that's a lot of gauze - your hubby's wound must be really big. i'm still surprised the dr didn't do anything before it popped. but then again, it's hospitals and their reactive vs proactive care.

Thomas said...

Hello from Seattle. (Though currently I am visiting Houston.)

Patty said...

I agree, you DO f-ing rock, for a whole lot of reasons. I have learned many things doing my current job, one of them being how to give shots. Honest, honest, honest, I used to hate needles too, and could never look. In fact, one time as I was looking the other way, I got an injection when I was suppose to get a titer, and by the time I FELT the needle going in (since I of course had my eyes closed) it was too late. Fortunately it wasn't fatal. The point being now I can whip out a needle and jab it into someone along with the best of the nurses (though when the nurses watch me they laugh because I try really hard to be gentle so it doesn't hurt). Seriously, you are doing what you need to do in this case, and I am confident you will be able to do anything you need to do in the future. You SHOULD be proud of yourself, enjoy it and I am dying to get a look at the pics.

BTW, did they give this hole in his back a name (boil? cyst?) or is it one of those great scientific mysteries of the body?

Laura said...

I am very impressed. I don't do well with gross things at all. In fact, I almost came undone when I removed one of those new healing band-aids yesterday. They keep the sore moist which is supposed to help, but it smelled disgusting.

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