Sunday, March 25, 2007

How did we get here?

So once in awhile I get a kick out of checking stat counter and how people get here. Well this time I google the "key terms" myself and was REALLY surprised.

* Boom boom let me hear you say weehoo~ I am the #1 and #2 hit for this search term WEEHOO
* weww~ I could not find the search and I went through the first 10 pages, but someone got here 3 times all different days with this search
* my poop came out black what does it mean~ I am #8 but people search this A LOT like at least 10 times a day. I am glad I can help
* black poop pepto bismol~ #8 again
* random scratches on skin, itchy cancer?~ #8 again from the post about when I got the measles.

But I did learn something new today there is a website that is called Poop Report

Serious they think of everything.

1 comment:

RWA said...

Poop Report...I am going to take your word for it on that one.


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