Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Friggin Computer

OK so the main computer is not working properly at home.

And I can not blog at work (as if I would...yeah right) so I am a bit behind, and I have not been able to catch up on anyone. Or post about my colon flush because I know you are all dying to hear about it...lol...

Ok be back soon I am going to figure out how to post via email, then you will all be in trouble when I start email posting from work out of frustration!! Oh yeah that should be fun!


Dixie said...

I know it sounds gross, but I do want to hear about it. I've been thinking of having one myself, but of course since I don't know anyone whose had one (well now I do ;) ) who could tell me about it and what it was like, I haven't gone and got one.

Dixie said...

Oh my e-mail is tineyone AT yahoo DOT com. E-mail me those pilates videos girl!!

RWA said...

Ugh. Are you sure you want/need to tell us about that?

Hopoe you figure out the e-mail thing!

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