Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby its hot outside

Sorry for lack of posts. Things going on.

Took Daisy and Tito (with Jessica) to the doggie park to enjoy the weather. Top was down 90 degrees today in March. Then Jessica and I went for buffet lunch that was super yummy at our regular Indian food restaurant. So good.

Here is Daisy enjoying the weather while we wait for her burger at McDonald's (I know I am so bad feeding her a burger) but it only happens once in a while and she LOVES it. And shes such a good dog and deserves a treat too!!

Yeah we are keeping her. Its pretty obvious huh?


Jonathan said...

I am happy to hear you all are keeping Daisy. She has really taken to you. Like I told Anne, our pets choose us.

T-girl said...

Is she not the cutest? I mean seriously!

Stop feeding that baby micky D's!!!! You can feed her burgers from home but Micky D's? She is better then that!!!! Besides they have all that fat and greasy and nasty "stay fresh" chemicals they can't be good for her! LOL

I hate that you had the top down! Hubby flew to his parents in SD today! He calls me to say, "It is 75 and sunny!" I hung up on him! Seriously, not 2 mintutes before he called I was driving staring at the sky thinking, "I really hope it get's sunny soon, I can't take anymore grey! I am tired of being wet!" LOL

BTW- thanks for that AI tip! Did you see what Simon said today? LOL Something about if he wins he will quite! I would be SERIOUSLY POed if Simon quit! I love him! LOL

Sandy said...

Yea, glad you're keeping her!

Dixie said...

A burger from Micky D's once in a while ain't gonna kill her! I used to take my pug to Burger King once a month for a flame broiled treat! She lurved it!

And hun, Daisy is rockin' that convertable!!

Patty said...

Did you remember to ask her, "Do you want fries with that?" My dogs love fries and will wait patiently for one to "accidently" fall towards the floor. I say towards because with the dogs waiting, they catch them in mid-fall.

The vet said to save people food for training or trauma (for the dog not me. I might have this confused as the ice cream tends to come out in crisis times) situations, like cutting toenails. Their favorite is "Emma cheese" which is that really crappy, bad for you, single wrap slices that I save for when they escape out the door. On a good day, I simply have to wave it in front of them and they run right home.

CruiserMel said...

I wish my dog liked riding in the car like Daisy. But my dog just goes crazy and wants to jump on my feet. Not a good idea when said feet are on said gas pedal. Daisy looks like a natural convertible gal. Too cute!

Ally said...

it's nice to have a dog to take with you on the ride. i tried that once with my pet, but he wasn't too keen on car rides and wanted to hide underneath the brake. lucky you.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Wait a go to McDonald's just to buy the DOG a hamburger?


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