Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I think this is entertaining really the hubby and the BIL are a little embarrassed that I got up and took the picture, but I had to, or you would not have believed me. See this happens EVERY TIME we go to the movies. See how the rest of the theater is empty, yeah and that guy sitting next to the BIL yeah we don't know them. Nope they could have sat any where else but now right beside us. Too bad I did not wait a moment longer because the trailer park boys sat RIGHT behind us.
Serious people What the FUCK!

Oh and I KNOW the shoes are horrible, and they will be used only for dog walking purposes (except today when I wore them to work!! lol) Serious. I need help.
It looks like one of my bestest friends Salinna is going to disown me too. She so embarrassed I bought them cause shes ALWAYS loved my taste in shoes. Except these ones


ally said...

what movie did you see? ;)

T-girl said...

O-M-G! I laughed outloud, considering I quit smoking 22 hours ago... that is something! LMAO

Yeah, I keep holding out on the crocks myself, everyone keeps telling me they are the most comfy things ever but seriously... they are made of plastic, how comfy can they really be? Besides they definitly make a statement, not sure if it is a fashion statement but it is a statement none the less! LOL

Dixie said...

I wish the movie theater around here was that empty!

I would have gotten up and moved after much loud grumbling!

Please, let's not speak of those things again! Mkay?

RWA said...

I have to agree. That sucks when that happens. The whole place is empty. Why do you have to come sit right next to me?!?!?!?!??


Patty said...

Maybe it's a West coast thing, I don't notice it when I go to the movies. Probably the real truth is I don't notice it because on the rare occasion I do go to an actual movie theater I put in ear plugs and end up sleeping through most of the movie. What can I say? I am an old woman with sensitive hearing!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the pic..it won't load on my PC!!

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