Wednesday, March 14, 2007

600 posts!!

So if anyone knows how to remote/email blog please email me or leave a comment how to. I can not friggin figure it out! **** edit I just figured out I was emailing the wrong address whoops, so not y'all are in trouble I can email from work!***

THIS IS .#600. Wow where does the time go. So in honor of my 600th post I open up the comments and you can ask me WHATEVER you want. And because I have no shame I will answer all your questions. So go ahead I know you wanna.

Hey I know how to make it more interesting, how about you ask me AND the hubby questions and I will have him answer them and post them. ha ha.. this should be fun.

Ok in Random news there are some HUGE things going on a work that I will be able to blog about tomorrow "hypothetically" that is. I am sure y'all can read between the lines about it. Hopefully good news.

GETTING SO EXCITED for our trip home. Its going to be so much fun, I miss everyone so bad! And Salinna has put me on a mission. She wants red shoes for her birthday SOOOO I guess I need to hit the mall. She also gave me specific "Rules" that I can only get her one pair. ha ha... yeah we will see how that one works


ally said...

congrats on the 600th post!

Sam said...

Riverside! Wow you are close. Must party. Or at least coffee!

Dixie said...

Yay!! 600! COngrats!

Ok. If you could do something illegal and get away with it, what illegal thing would you do and why??

Only buy one pair of shoes?? Sorry, can not be done. Just can't!

Patty said...

Go onto the DSW web site, the front page ad where there are a row of feet with shoes. The ones on the end that are red with some white piping happens to be the pair that are the lastest object of my desire. What do you think of them?

I am going to get back to you on the question so I can take some time and make it a really good one for the hubby. Congrates on the 600!

Magnolia Sun said...

Congratulations on 600 posts. I've just started reading your blog and really enjoy it. Stop by my blog sometime.

Patty said...

Random and hubby,

How did you meet, and when did each of you know the other was "THE ONE?" And to hubby...What is the kindest most meaningful thing Random ever did for you?

Patty said...
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