Sunday, March 18, 2007

A good day

Seeing how the hubby is "injured" he has the weekend off. He has not had a weekend off in 7 months. It was so nice to spend so much time with him, I did not realize how much I missed him. Probably sounds a bit strange to some seeing how we live together and sleep together every night but the time we spent together today was so much fun. We had lunch first at Red Lobster which was funny because we soon realized just before I started to cry that EVERY TIME we go to Red Lobster I cry.
The day he proposed to me we had lunch at Red Lobster and I was crying because I thought he was going to break up with me (no he did not propose there)
My sisters 18th birthday I cried all day at Red Lobster
Last time we went I cried because of the whole Dr and baby situation
And today I almost cried thinking he was terminally ill because they booked and appointment to "talk about the results of the biopsy"
Anyways we laughed the rest of the time through lunch at how silly I can be, I tried to play it off like I was tough and complex and he mocked me like "Sure babe your SO complex, your about as complex as a rubex cube" dripping with sarcasm.
Gotta love him
Then we went to see Premonition, he hated it I liked it. It got horrible reviews but I liked the whole feel good moments at the end.
AND THEN HE TOOK ME SHOPPING FOR SHOES!! Ok not sure if I ever explained his disdain for my shoe fetish or the fact that HE HATES TO SHOP! And he did not even complain once, and I got a sweet pair of new shoes but they are not for me.
Can you guess who they are for?

I know they are pretty funky but when I saw them I had to get them and for only $16 I could not get them.

So Salinna what do you think?


Patty said...

The things that guy does for you! First, his body creates a gaping hole so you can learn a new skill. Your reward for practicing on him is an entire weekend together, then lunch AND shoe shopping. And let's not forget the entire blog world has seen him kissing a puppy...

Yup! He's a keeper.

(So are the shoes. You didn't get any for you? There is still time before her birthday to replace the zebra ones with a different pair. I won't tell her.)

Anonymous said...

aaahhhhhhhhh oh my god!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Patty...too late sista! :P


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah eeeewww about the hole in Craig's back.... but good job sista hookin him up like you did :)

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