Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whos a little princess?

Yeah thats my car. And thats the hubby cleaning my car with the BIL. Serious how friggin spoiled am I? I LOVE how clean it is and I may even keep it that way.
You can not see it in the picture but you should see all the shit in my trunk. Thats going to take me a whole day to clean out!

Oh and the winner for the car name was from Sal.

Her name is Atomic Betty. (there is a story behind this name that I promise to tell one day...maybe)

Betty with the top up and Atomic Betty with the top down.. Oh yeah I love her, oh and that guy in the picture too.

I LOVE MY CAR! Not to mention it will also be the hottest summer on record out here in Southern California so this car is going to get lots of driving. We are even going to the beach for the first time I am taking Daisy to the dog park they have on a beach. Its going to be so much fun. Me, Jessica and my neighbor Marg are going with our pups.


Ally said...

i need a new car. my current one is a black car. i went through last summer sweating A LOT. why can't they make a national holiday week where we don't need to go to work?

Anonymous said...

OOOIII OOOIIII Oh how I love Atomic Betty :) YAY I WIN!!! LOL

Loves to you pretty lady


Southern (in)Sanity said...

Very nice car. I hope you have fun driving around with the top down all summer.

Mummy said...

You are just too cool for school lady!! And the sticker cracked me up, your workmates are outing you. I think next one will say 'Join SSA - shoe shopaholics anonymous'

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