Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 more reasons I LOVE Canada...

Ok is this not the MOST fabulous thing you have seen in awhile? It was IN THE BATHROOM AT THE BAR!!!

Brilliant! So smart.. I wish I would have though of this! (and if your wondering why its $2 and no place to put bills... in Canada we do not have $1 or $2 bills they are coins called Loonies and toonies)

And then see that? Under the chair?

This guy thought I was crazy, but all the chairs in the airport have spaces to plug your laptop!! So smart...

And then I had nothing to do with this... I mean all I did was hold the camera... And I maybe had the candy in my purse.. but as soon as word got about the candy all the ground hogs came out...

Friday, September 25, 2009

What getting old looks like..

So umm yeah.

I got dinner ready, put it in the oven and then proceeded to leave the house to take the dog to the dog park. Made a stop at a friends... was gone for about 1 1/2 hours.

And TOTALLY forgot I had put dinner in the over....

Oh yeah.

In my defense at least I had the dog with me so if the house was to burn down all the loved ones would be safe?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I refused for the longest time to get into the books. REFUSED! And then I bought the first one.. and sequentially bought the other 3 and finished them in as many days..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow! You do not look that sick!

Since being home I have been feeling a little under the weather... At first I chocked it up to allergies and treated accordingly.

Well 2 weeks later I was still was not getting any better (19 hour days were not helping either) and y'all know how much I HATE the DR?

Well I went.


Bronchitis and Pneumonia

Because when I get sick I like to over achieve!

(Getting breathing treatments at the Dr's.)

And then I go to the pharmacy and have the 4 prescriptions filled that I need. To the tune of $300. The pharmacist dumps out all 4 and says "Wow! You do not look that sick!"

$300. And I am trying to be optimistic about this. It would have been more expensive to end up in the hospital (which I was not too far away from because it felt like I was breathing through a straw)

And in 5 days I should be good to go....

And yes they checked me for swine flu... and no its not... lol

I am really an over achiever huh?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Way back Fridays...

Oh yeah. Random as a baby... My mom has started pulling out all our old pictures and putting them in boxes for all us kids.... Sorry about the quality I took a picture of a picture...

I must say I was a pretty darn cute baby!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Birth??

OMG... I have no words.

I just came across this program. Its when women all over the world give birth on their own. With no medical intervention. At all. No doctors at all. Through the whole pregnancy.


So they give birth at home. Not even a midwife. Just family or friends.

Wow. Just wow.

This is fraud

To Whom it may concern,

I am directing this to corporate because the issue is with one of your store managers.

I was a customer at your store LOCATION on 9/14/2009 at 3:00pm.

I am seriously offended about the service I have received from Matt one of your store managers at this location.

Due to the economical crisis I value that your store accepts coupons.

I have never had an issue using coupons with your store. Matt had the audacity to say that using coupons was "fraud" and that "If he had his way Walgreens would go without accepting coupons" he also went on to say that "He wished Walgreens would not have the register rewards because they are so much hassle"

To say I was offended does not even touch on the matter. For a customer to be made to feel the way Matt made me feel. To use the word "fraud" while using coupons. To be obviously not impressed to be assisting an honest paying customer.

I am flabbergasted that any store employee, let alone a store manager would talk to a customer like that.

I am really upset and frustrated at this situation. I could understand if I was rude or unpleasant but because one of the coupons (a Walgreens coupon) would not scan and I explained it was fine and not to worry about it he went off on his tangent.

I hope that something is done about this situation.

Thank you

Your dissatisfied and offended customer

Random Musings

On a lighter note there is a "rule" written that you do not officially "coupon" until someone accuses you of fraud... so YAY me!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy girl...

I started a new job the day after I got home from vacation...

I worked 70 hours last week.

Yep I am a little crazy. But you know me. I have been looking for a big girl job now for 6 months and NOTHING. I have had 1 interview and was "offered" the position, however when you are gone for a month and then call back 4 times leaving messages you assume that they hired someone else.

SO the second job is in ANOTHER restaurant. The money is good, the people are fabulous and after 1 week I am actually enjoying it. Its a nice break from the other job. Although both are serving jobs this new one is like night and day in comparison. And its days only. Which is nice....

And I have committed to 3 months of this crazy 80 hour weeks. Why? Well I am a bit nuts, that and I would REALLY love to pay off some of our debt. Going on vacation for a full month was not the cheapest thing to do.....

Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The reason you should never leave your children alone with me...

See even the dog is concerned!!!

"Your going to do what?"

Well I can not believe I am going to share this, well because its not one of my brightest moments. But I have no shame.. And if you can not laugh at yourself then what is there to life?

See this beautiful boy? He is so friggin cute and adorable that when my Sal wanted to go to the gym I jumped at the chance to have some alone time with my godson. In the week that I had already been there I had not heard him cry once. Nope. Not once.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Mom and dad leave. We snuggle, watch a little baby enstien (which he LOVES) I tickle him a little, blow zubbers on his belly. We are having a grand old time!

And then he starts to fuss. And cry. And cry.

Then all I remember about babysitting kicks in:

Is he hurt: Nope
Is he hungry: check (he just ate before mom and dad left)
Is he wet? This is where things get a little interesting.

Yep he is soaked. Problem solved. I grab a diaper from mommys stash by the couch, wet wipes, changing pad. I am ready to go.

Well in my defense its been 10 years since I changed a diaper without supervision. Maybe less but i digress....

Wet diaper removed.

New diaper... humm this is weird? Show tunes on the front? Check? I wonder when they started to put the tabs for the diapers and attach to the back? Humm must make it a little easier to put on?

Sooooo... Sal gets back from the gym (2 hours later) and after another baby melt down where I have to make a bottle. And not any bottle one for a baby that is allergic to milk. So its with formula and the instructions are in Canadian? ha ha, its in ML and says "this many scoops for each ML of water" (but I will come back to this...)

So she walks in and asks "How was it?"

Me "Well it was touch and go there for a minute! He started to cry 2 times on me. Once it was because he was wet and I changed his diaper, the other because he wanted a bottle."

"Umm Sal when did the start to put the tabs for the diapers and make them attach to the back of the diaper? I thought it was weird. The show tunes still go on the front right?"

Sal **blink, blink** "Your kidding right? OMG your not kidding?"

***busts out laughing at me. Fiance joins in****
Exhibit A

He is SOAKED through his diaper. And his pants.....

Exhibit B... And by this point we are all laughing so hard we are crying... Ritchie is in the background laughing and telling me he hopes nothing happens to him and Sal because if I can not even put a diaper on right....

And then mom has to change him UPSIDE down due to my diaper error....

And then it gets EVEN better!!

AND he has taken the BIGGEST poop known to man!!!

It becomes a 2 person job to get this cleaned up.....
And then.. Oh yes this gets better and better... I smell the poop. And its TERRIBLE, I mean how can a stench THAT BAD come from a little guy that small???? I mean really??

AND THEN..... Oh yes.... I start to gag.......

This is not going to be good....

I make it to the bathroom and barf. Yep I barf at the smell of baby poop......

Anb because its SO BAD Ritchie takes a pictures because its too good to pass up....

And after about an hour of recaps (this was hilarious by the way) I told Salinna I made a bottle fro his because after I changed him he was still a little fussy.

Yeah the bottle was WAY watered down. Like I put 2 scoops and there was supposed to be 4.....

Oh yeah. Never going to have kids reason 6786908 and 6786909...lol

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Trip home Update #2 I LOVE Britney Spears

Me and my sister.. I love this girl to death. I can hardly believe there is 10 years between us. She really is like my best friend, only better because we have "been through it ALL together"

To me there really is a magic with siblings? A love that can not be explained. Because of the age gap I had a hand in raising her. Changing many a diaper, being relied on as a babysitter. I hope I helped to mold her into the beautiful, strong woman she has become! The time I spent with her on my trip I will always cherish! I mean SHE'S 22!!! AKKK where does the time go? Pretty soon I will me planning her bachlorette party!!!

Here we are ready to go!! 2 hot ladies ready for a Britney concert!
I had to take this one, we are crammed like sardines into the bus. In Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) they have one of the BEST public transportation systems I have ever seen. You can get from one end of the city to the other in 45 minutes. Clean, reliable (albeit icky gross people) I never owned a car in Ottawa due to the public systems set up. Way cheaper and WAY easier.
I LOVED this idea. So cute.
BRITNEY WAS AMAZING!! Yes she did not sing ANY of her songs because of all the action, but she did do one song live. I did not get ANY pictures because I was too busy screaming (and helping her sing with 20,000 other people) out loud.
She looked great. Her dancers were amazing, she sang ALL of the songs you would want her to (if you are a closet fan)

The show was FABULOUS!! And I would recommend ANYONE to go see it!!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Someone call the FASHION POLICE!!!

So while I vacation I no doubtedly checked out the shoe selection here and there.. I mean I am only human right? And while also seeing how it was a different country I was curious to see what I could find. While I was in Toronto, Ontario Canada I found these babies....
There are no words to descibe how UGLY and weird these are to me? I mean make up your mind, do you want a boot? Or a sandal? No?

AND THEN.......

Wait for it........


And what is this? I was laughing so hard while trying these on I had a friend take the pictures.. But I guess some has purchased these right? I mean they were the last pair?

I have no words for these.....

And then while at the Britney Spears concert (which was AMAZING post to come) I found my proof that people do buy the "boot/flip flop/heel".......

And what makes these WORSE? SHE IS WEARING A CUTE LITTLE MINI DRESS!!! With those terrible shoes... ugg

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Trip home Update #1

So my trip begins with me spending the weekend with my bestest friend in the world Salinna. Here is her and her fiance.

These are my niece and nephew (not really related but practically) Salinnas kids I LOVE these 2 like my own. They are so spoiled by me and the hubby!

And then this little man. I just love him so much I want to kiss him! My GODSON!! I finally got to meet and hold him. You can bet there were tears involved! He is such a good baby. He is easy to smile and even easier to laugh. You know that baby laugh, the squeal/giggle? Its the BEST sound in the world!

And then this little man. Yep. My boyfriend for the 3 weeks. It was love at first site, and its funny because Sal says he is SO afraid of people but he came right up to me and sat in my lap and sighed like he waited his whole life for me!
And then the baptism for my Godson. It was really strange though, the church was doing 4 babies at the same time? Has anyone else seen this? Also they had us all got out to the doors and blessed all of us and had us lead into the church service?

Me and my little man! They also would not alow the children to wear white? So weird?

My mom and my sister....

Me and my sister.. and my fabulous dress....

Yes my little man has a mowhawk. Is it not the cutest thing? I just love this little man....

Update 2-80 coming soon...lol

Friday, September 04, 2009

Home sweet home!!


And I have been so busy! I start a new job on Tuesday and I have been in to fill out all the paperwork and everything yesterday (I got in on Wednesday night) And I am working on another one "hopefully" fingers crossed.

Went back to work last night for the first time in 3 weeks. WOW 3 weeks is a long time to be away.. but its all the same.

I am SO EXCITED to share my pictures however I still have not even loaded them to the computer.

Its SO GOOD to be back.. its going to take me WEEKS to get caught up on everyone's blogs but I promise to get started. I am sure so much has happened!

It was actually SO refreshing to not have a computer while I was away. I know it sounds weird and I NEVER dreamed that I could live, but it was nice! And the night I got home I could not even have been bothered to even open my laptop then. So weird.

Give me a few days and we will be back to our regularly scheduled programing....
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