Saturday, September 05, 2009

Trip home Update #1

So my trip begins with me spending the weekend with my bestest friend in the world Salinna. Here is her and her fiance.

These are my niece and nephew (not really related but practically) Salinnas kids I LOVE these 2 like my own. They are so spoiled by me and the hubby!

And then this little man. I just love him so much I want to kiss him! My GODSON!! I finally got to meet and hold him. You can bet there were tears involved! He is such a good baby. He is easy to smile and even easier to laugh. You know that baby laugh, the squeal/giggle? Its the BEST sound in the world!

And then this little man. Yep. My boyfriend for the 3 weeks. It was love at first site, and its funny because Sal says he is SO afraid of people but he came right up to me and sat in my lap and sighed like he waited his whole life for me!
And then the baptism for my Godson. It was really strange though, the church was doing 4 babies at the same time? Has anyone else seen this? Also they had us all got out to the doors and blessed all of us and had us lead into the church service?

Me and my little man! They also would not alow the children to wear white? So weird?

My mom and my sister....

Me and my sister.. and my fabulous dress....

Yes my little man has a mowhawk. Is it not the cutest thing? I just love this little man....

Update 2-80 coming


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love that pink and white dress of yours! Looks like you had a great time.

The Girl Next Door said...

CUUUTTTE Dress!!! Cute baby and the answer to your question about the baptism is... yes I have heard of that but not the white part... in fact that is kind of traditional- weird!

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