Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Ok first off. Thank you all for your well wishes. It means a lot. The
hubby's mom is doing ok now. Well as best as you can in a situation like

Ok on to fun things.

So I was supposed to go. Then because I could not book our resort (we
own shares and stay free whenever we like) Jessica and I decided not to
go. Then I threw caution to the wind and said screw it lets just show
up at the resort and see what they say. We had already booked our flight
(driving to Vegas on a Friday is INSANE!) so we went. I was not really
worried because we are owners really what could they do? Tell us no?

On the flight even before we took off the flight attendant told us we
could not have any booze. WE were laughing pretty hard at some of the
things were we seeing and had not even had ANYTHING to drink!! We ordered
some Vodka and cranberry juices and because the flight was so short (45
minutes) by the time we got our drinks we had to chug them because they
wanted the garbage.

Needless to say the guys sitting beside us was probably regretting his
choice we were so giggly also Jessica put an airborne thing in her bottle and it fuzzed

Anyways, we arrive in Vegas and wait for our rental car FOREVER they
are low on vehicles and we reserved an economy car and were put in a PT
Cruiser Convertible SWEET! We cruise around the airport seeing how I
think EVERY airport in America needs to be impossible to get out of.

We show up at the resort and leave Jessica in the car while I work my
magic. I smile at the lady checking for my reservation and she explains
to me it looks like it had been cancelled but don't panic ( we were on
the waiting list) she called her manager and asked how to book it in.
They chalked it up to a computer error and in minutes we were unloading
into the room. I must say I can be pretty charming when I need to be.
So we got our room without a hitch.

I check

in with my baby brother and see where they are at, they are
over at Hooters and we go and join them for a minute. Being in the same
city as family I had to see him and give him a hug and kiss. It was SO
good to lay eyes on him it really made me miss home.

The resort had a full kitchen so we stopped for groceries on the way
back, Jessica was pretty sick and I was REALLY tired so we called it a
night. We were both loving the resort we had our own beds and we each had
our own bathrooms ( I should have taken pictures) so sleep was in order
( I know pretty boring but when you get to be my

I woke up early and cooked breakfast we booked our deep tissue massages
for 7pm which was the only time slot available so we took it. And off
to town we went, shopping, milkshakes, cruising in the convertible.

the afternoon I dropped Jessica off and went to meet my brother, we hung
out for a bit got caught up had some drinks, played some blackjack.
It really was a great weekend~~~

I will post some more pictures in a minute!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sorry guys

I promise the BIGGEST blog soon, with pictures!!

My MIL just lost the love of her life (her words) They have been friends for 40 years and even dated and lived together for 2 years. She found his body. She's in rough condition I went to spend some time with her today and the hubby is spending the night. Crying takes a lot out of a person and I am really worried about her. I know she will be fine, but she just lost her other friend a week ago and now this. It's so sad really. She's one of the toughest people I know but losing 2 of the people that are the closest to you in a matter of weeks.

Myself I do not deal with death very well. I tend to be a bit emotional about stuff like this. I cry watching movies. I cried with the hubby when he came over and told him "Promise nothing will ever happen to you! I could never live without you"

In prime form he said "Nah you have nothing to worry about, I could never be that lucky!"

Gotta love that boy.

Sorry so blah I will be back soon.


Ha ha, well remember the Vegas trip that I was not going to go on? I am not sure if I blogged about it or not.
Anyways, trip was planned, then canceled, then at 3pm Friday we decided to go.

So I went to Vegas. And there are pictures. And you will get a HUGE post tonight, I even thought of you all when I was there when many times I said

"I so have to blog about this!!!"

I will catch up with all of you soon!! : )

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Its almost the weekend

1 more day till the weekend and I am so excited it. Oh and tomorrow I am getting a deep tissue massage for my back. That should be good. And one other thing but I am debating on telling all y'all about it.
Maybe after it...

So the thing I was all excited about that I was keep secret I can now
tell you all about.

My best friend in the world's 30th birthday is in May what I was
getting SO EXCITED about was that as a surprise for her birthday I was
scamming with her dad and her sister to surprise her and fly her out to
California to visit for a week (I LOVE her family which is why I spoke to
them first).
And then they were all excited and thought it would be such a great
idea, and my husband thought it would be a GREAT idea (I would be outta
his hair for a week) so I called her husband to tell him of our plans and
of my idea and then it got out of control.
He wants her to come and then he would come out too. See this is not a
bad idea but they whole premise of her coming out was for just the 2 of
us to spend time together it was as much of a celebration of her 30th
birthday and mine too (not until Oct but I will probably not be home
again by then)
And then he wanted to talk to her about it. And it ruined my surprise.
And now she's not coming because it has caused too much conflict.
And I am sad, at first I was angry but I TOTALLY understand where she
is coming from and it sucks but that's life.

But on the bright side I will be home for 2 weeks in May and I have
that time with her to look forward too and I AM SO EXCITED about that and
I am thankful that we are going to get to spend time together so that it.

Go ahead discuss

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I've been holding out

See I started my 365 Project in January, I am sure you guys saw this all over the place about taking 1 picture a day for a year. Well I started it and I did not want to say anything about it because I am not sure if I could keep it up. (as in I have not been posting regularly to My photo blog) But I have kept it up and I think its a pretty cool project. It will be fun in a year to look back and see what life was like.
This is such a cool project. I have see people do it and they take a picture of themselves (this I could not do) and they post it everyday. See I have commitment but 365 pictures of myself... humm no... I will post some of myself like the before and after of my hair and some of the hubby. And of coarse my
So now you all know.

Look what I got in the mail!!

I was so excited to see the little UPS tag... could it be....

Ahh They are even more fabulous than they looked on line. They are WAY darker and WAY higher that I had thought. BUT THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!
AND THEY FIT!! I was so worried because I usually wear a 6 or 6 1/2 depending on the shoes, but these only came in a 7 so I ordered them anyways AND THEY FIT!! I think its because they are SO HIGH that the 6 1/2 would have been a little too small. So now I just have to find some cute little tops to go with them... I love shopping.

Oh this is the conversation I had with the hubby.

"Hey babe wanna see my new shoes?"

"I saw them already they are the purple ones right?"

"Yeah but do you want to see them on me?"

"I saw them already they are in your closet"

"No but do you want me to **wink wink** wear them for you?"

"Your so dirty"

Monday, February 19, 2007


Its time to cut it all off again. My hair grows so fast.
So here is what I am thinking of. I like the shortness of this. I just wish I could make it look like this. So I will make sure to take before and after pictures. Snarky girl is getting her hair cut too and was looking for a look that would look good messy (ha ha we both have convertibles) so I think this would look cut all messed up too.

Things that have been pissing me off lately!!

1.The Real Kid has changed her template and now I can not comment and its REALLY bugging me, because I know she wants to hear what I have to say!!! I know she does. (she just ran a 5k with her sister and I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!)

2.Stupid ass beta blogger is giving me a REALLY hard time leaving comments. It takes forever and lots of times it will not let me at all!! sniff sniff

3. The drivers side window on my car rattles. It bugs me!

4. I need to keep sunblock in the car, I have had the top down for over a week now and I am sunburned. (I know you are all jealous)

In puppy news (like you want to hear more about that) she seems to be trained. Serious, I bought this gimmick spray you spray on the puppy pads and she has not had a house accident since!! She even jumped outta bed to use the pads!!! I am so proud of her she's come a LONG way!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Maggie had babies

My MIL puppy has had babies. Are they not the cutest things EVER... They are so little. They are only a week old so they have not even opened there eyes yet.

Jessicas Birthday night out

It was so much fun. I was designated driver because I had not been feeling too well. The zebra print are "Crashers" The black ones are me and the red ones are the WICKED shoes I made Jessica buy a while back. I am slowly turning her into a shoe whore. We went to this little bar where there were live bands and GREAT food. They had fried pickles that were SO GOOD. I took a picture but it did not turn out. I look so hammered in this picture but I did not even have a single drink. Ha ha maybe its just when I get into a bar a exude drunkenness??
It was so much fun and the bands were pretty damn good too.
I even came home and puked for good measure.
Serious I have been so sick the last week.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy birthday Jessica!!

Ok everyone wave hi to Jessica and wish her a happy Birthday!!!

Tonight is girls night out so there should be tonnes of pics to follow, no worries though I have volunteered to drive (still not feeling %100) and this way I can pay Jess back for the time I puked and she helped me wipe my nose on my

Oh and we are going to Vegas next weekend WEEHOOO just the 2 of us and we are going to see my little bother while hes in town. We are flying (I know its only a 3 hour drive but if you have EVER tried to drive to Vegas on a Friday you know what I am talking about)
So we are flying out Friday after work and coming home Sunday night after recovering from what I imagine will be a pretty rough night out....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

This was interesting

Your Personality Is Like Ecstasy

You're usually feeling the love for the world around you - you want to hug everyone.
And while you're usually content to sit back and view the world with wonder...
Sometimes you're world becomes very overwhelming and a little scary.

No worries

I am not pregnant. Its just my body telling me I am ready...again...
No if we were ever to have a pregnancy you guys would know WAY before it came time to pee on a stick. Any time I get really sick thats what I always assume that it is.
And I know it can not be, I just always think it is.

My boobs ARE KILLING ME!! But they look pretty fantastic right

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines day!!!

So its been a few days lots of things going on.

Being the great wife I am to surprise the hubby today I got up at 5am to take the dog out and I covered his car in heart stickers and put a big teddy bear in his car with chocolates and a card.... Yeah I rock sometimes. He had to ask when I had time to do

I called my mom to wish her a happy birthday yesterday and some things never change. I wish they did. My little brother answered. One of his best friends won an online poker tournament online and won a $7000 trip to Vegas, he and his other friend (all 3 of them came out to visit last year) are going to go to cheer him on which means I will be going out to visit. I told him to send me the details so I could make arrangements to go see him then I talked to my mom.

"Happy Birthday Mom!"

"There's nothing really happy about it now is there?"

"How are things..blah blah blah, things with me and the hubby are good blah blah"

" Negative, blah blah, nasty blah blah"

"Ok mom I have to go I am on my cell phone so I love you, happy birthday and I will call you when I get home"

"Oh sure use up all your minutes talking to your brother and its my birthday, fine call me later!!"

WHAT THE FUCK!! Serious! I love her I really its taken me MANY years (and some therapy)
to understand its not me. It never was me. But it still pisses me off. I wish one time she would be happy, happy for me, happy for life just happy in general. I wish she would say something positive just once. I know she loves me and right before I got married I told her how much all this bothers me and really makes me want to push her away. And don't get me wrong I am thankful still to have her in my life, we have been through a lot together as a family I just wish she would be happy. I wish I could make her happy.

Ok moving on.

Puppy is good we got a baby gate and the hubby picked out some REALLY expensive dog food (like $13 for 12 cups) but its good for the puppy and she LOVES it so I guess its the food to get. She's getting more comfortable with us which is good. Still working on the potty training but so far its going good.

I have been SO sick the last 4 days. So sick in fact that I got a pregnancy test. My boobs are KILLING me my back hurts (as always) and its even hard to hold down crackers. And usually none of this would be a problem buts its been 4 days and the puking is so violent that its really strange. I feel REALLY dinging and am misplacing stuff, getting swollen feet, my hands hurt my whole body hurts.

Monday, February 12, 2007

First Vet visit

So Daisy and I made a trip to the vet this morning. I almost puked when they took her away to see if she had a micro chip in her (which means she would belong to someone else sniff sniff lol)

Anywho she was the BEST dog, she did not bark, cry, fight AT ALL can you believe that??? They even stuck a thermometer in her bum and she did not even fight. They cut her toenails and she did not fight. THEY GABBED HER WITH A NEEDLE!! I flinched but she did not even fight. AT.ALL. The even TOOK POOP from her and she did not fight.
I am so proud of her. The dr gave her a good bill of health but did say she in fact had been hit by a car. A CAR!! That or someone kicked her REALLY HARD!
Shes only 4 months old and 4 1/2 pounds and SUCH a good dog! The jury is still out about if we can keep her, the vet did say he wants to see her again in 3 weeks for a check up so until then I will work on house breaking her (explains now why she pooped all over the couch last night) but the hubby and I both blame ourselves for her pooping on the couch. He says she probably could not get down and we forgot to leave puppy pads in places other than the kitchen where she was "supposed" to stay (little bugger kept figuring how to get out) I'll have to go get a baby gate for her.
So 3 weeks. I wonder if I can even give her away after that time?? Sniff sniff

I had about 50 responses to my add for her. Its a bit frustrating to say the least I specifically said she would need to be an only pet (fishes excepted) because of all the trauma shes been through and 35 people sent me emails that there dogs needed a friend.
And you know me I kindly responded to EVERY email that I was keeping her till she goes back to the vet in 3 weeks. The vet also said the way we are training her leaving her in the kitchen all day is the best thing for a dog her size. He said if we let her run around every where she will never be house broken (type of dog)

Here she is!!! FINALLY figured out how to load videos

Sunday, February 11, 2007

So sad about puppy

So hubby and I have had a talk. The building management charges a $1000 deposit for dogs. Because I found her and we are "good" tenants they said they can reduce it to only $500.
And then there is the vet which Jessica says should not be that much for the initial evaluations and then its just maintence.
And then there is the time factor, the hubby has always felt REALLY strongly about having a dog in an apartment. He does not think its fair and as much I try to convince myself it really is not.
She is such a good dog and needs SO much love and would be alone for over 10 hours a day, locked in the kitchen (no worries its a HUGE space because shes so small) but still its not fair.
I love her TO DEATH already and I am really attached but the more I think about it the more I think we are not ready.
I posted an add for her and I am going to be picky who I give her to. I am not charging anything but because shes a bit of a princess and needs to be the only pet because of all the trauma shes already been through. Between Jessica spoiling her and me we have over $100 worth of stuff for her already.
It breaks my heart to give her up but I think its the right thing to do. Right now anyways. Jessica even offered to take her to train her for a few weeks and she would take her but we live in the same building and there is a 2 pet minimum and shes already at that. If she was not such a cute little dog and no one would notice her then I could sneak her here, but you know me. I can not do that. Everything would need to be on the up and up.

Frig I wish I was dishonest some times. But I know there is a family out there that will LOVE her to death.
**sigh** I'll keep you posted. I am taking her to the pound to have a one over on her tomorrow after work to see if she looks sick, or has been fixed already. Tito (Jessica's dog) is going to the vet tomorrow Daisy bit his nose and now he has an eye infection so I hope it was not Daisys fault. I will have the pound give her a one over, if shes healthy I will hold her till I find her a home, if shes not I will pay to have her put down. The more I think about it and how skinny she is and how long she was a stray I wonder if there is anything wrong....... fingers crossed shes a healthy puppy and I can find her a home.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Eating garbage from the neighbours garbage can.
I saw her this morning when I went to run some errands and I knocked on the door she was in front of. No answer. So I brought her home and in minutes I feel in love with her. She has certainly been on the lose for some time because she is very boney and she has been very traumatized. She pees when she hears other dogs and she has been throwing up everything she eats. It could be also because we had her in the car and shes very scared. I took her over to Jessicas to see what she thought we should do and it was off to Target and pet smart to get supplies.

I have named her Daisy and shes SOOO cute. I have fallen in love with her, but even so I have put up signs in case she was someones pet. If she was and someone claims her I am going to have some choice words for those ass holes. No collar, no name tag no way to contact them.
So Jessica helped me use my powerful skills of negotiation with the hubby and he says as long as shes trained I can keep her.
WEEHOO I have a puppy..

Friday, February 09, 2007

No sooner are the words out of my mouth...

Yeah well a girl can change her mind (I do this often). You know how the post JUST below this one I profess that I can not buy shoes on line.
Well I have made a liar out of myself. I blame the hubby having to work tomorrow on this because he had to go to bed early (he gets up @ 5am) so I am left to my own vices here on the computer all by myself looking at all the pretty shoes on line.

Damn website (shoes dot com, you should totally go there and see what I am talking about)


And in my defense they were only $17.99 did I mention free shipping. And also I do not have purple yet. In 3-7 days I will own purple shoes totally my favorite color!! Oh and they only had them in one size MY SIZE!!! What are the chances?? I mean they are meant to be. Really they are. Aren't they PURRTTEY!!! And if they are weird or do not fit or I hate them when they get here (yeah right) THE HAVE FREE RETURNS!!

My hubby is so going to take away my Internet privileges.

**sigh** I should start a support group for this

Oh shoes how I LOVE thee

So I was not kidding that I have been shoe shopping. Here are some of the front runners. I love the black ones with the colored flowers on them the are so cute! I love them all really... But until I find them in stores I will not be buying any. What do you think? I have issues I know. All I can think right now is I have money to spend and I am buying some cute shoes.

In weight loss news I am down 7 and 23 more to go in 3 months. Wish me luck!!

I pee back bitches

The people at work PISS me off so bad. Can you believe one of the monkeys had the nerve to (instead of getting off her own ass) to tell ME to do my job.
So I did what any other self respecting grown adult would do.
I left.
Because I could and I had an excuse FUCK THEM!

I swear some people are SOOO rude!!!

Ok rant done.

In other news I have been shopping on line for Always makes me feel better, but you know what? For some reason I can not order shoes on line! Weird huh? I have to see and feel the shoe before I ca n buy it. I can not see it on line and order it. TRUST ME!! I wish that I could but for some reason I can not. The hubby is lucky about this one though... could you imagine???

** In "Aunt" new she passed away this morning at 9am, I have spoken to everyone and spent time with the MIL today (reason I left work being the dumb ass I am I left the message that one of her best friends had passed away on her machine and quickly recoiled and went to see her. Thank goodness she was still sleeping because I am such an idiot) Every one is ok with it now that there have been a few days to think about it I had only met her a few times so I am not really all the upset other than not dealing with death very well and I am really upset for her "hubby" they have been together for 40 years and he's really torn up about it. But he said with time it will pass and he will remember the good times. I brought over booze***

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I work with Monkeys

I swear that I do. Big grown adult monkeys that pee on people. Serious.
2 of them left "sick" today 5 minutes after each other to leave me and one other person alone. At the busiest time of year. Monkeys I tell you. So bad so that I felt bad about leaving for a DYING RELATIVE to spend time with family (with my MIL) because when I talked to her on the phone she sounded like she needed me so I went. Friggin hell.

The "Aunt" update is that the first stroke was not a stroke it was a MAJOR brain aneurysm and the second episode was a stroke she has not stopped hemorrhaging yet and has been getting really bad. The pulled the plug at 4pm tonight so we will get an update in the morning. I spent time with the MIL and the hubby who's been married to the "aunt" for 40 years. What do you really say to someone who has lost the love of their lives? He seemed to be at peace with it as did the son and daughter, they know its best and there is no way she would want to fight this, nor did she really have a chance, the dr's said there is NO way she would come back and they know she would not want to be put through anything else.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.

In happier news... I know it sounds bad but when you are at peace that its best for everyone involved and the fact that I do not deal with death very well lets move on.

We did our taxes. You know you are going to do well and get lots back when the tax professional takes a look at your W-2 and says out loud "Wow!! Holy you payed A LOT into your taxes", even before she runs the numbers.
Oh yeah claim single but married and get taxed out the ass all year for your sweet bonus in February. The hubby has spent his already car stereo and window tint for his new car.
Me SHOES!!!!! Ha ha just kidding, I am going to save

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh what a few days its been

Ok this will be long but I will try to make it short.

I love my new car L.O.V.E.

I have called 911, 2 times this week. Once because this guy was walking through traffic on the FREE WAY and then last night when I heard a girl screaming out my window see the earlier post.

I was told today at work by a physic a few interesting things. I looked over at her and she was smiling at me and she told me that my husband is my destiny. She said everyone has a destiny in this life and my husband is part of mine. She said "One step in either direction and people's destiny's can change to be patient with him as he is the reason I am on the path I am" (I could go on about the truth to this but I will spare all of you)
Also she said I have a purple aura about me and I am very kind and I wear my heart on my sleeve and people take advantage of that to be careful.( Again SO true)
She told the girl I HATE at work that she is on the wrong path, appropriately I laughed out loud.
Then because I am a smart ass I asked her how many children I would have? She said that I am going to have 4 children. 1 boy then twin girls and she could not tell what the 4th would be.


I am SO excited about my surprise and hopefully I will be able to spill the beans in a few days. Actually I thought of bitching about the situation to all of you but that would not be fair not knowing "the whole story"

We just found out that the hubby's "Aunt" and I say it like that because shes not REALLY family shes just one of his mom's best friends has had a terrible stroke, and no one will tell her significant other that while she was sedated she had ANOTHER REALLY bad stroke and shes not going to come back from it. All hope is that she will pass because if she WERE to come too she would be almost completely paralyzed (both right and left side strokes) they have her on life support but they are not giving her much time its such sad news, but almost a reminder of how precious life is "You were never promised tomorrow" Hubby spent time with his mom today I just hope she's doing ok and not in any pain.

Crazy calls

So I am dead asleep and I am startled awake by a girl screaming. Its
12:30 am. I nudge the hubby because clearly I want to make sure I am not
"just hearing things"
The man could sleep through a freight train running through the house.
I sit up and listen more closely.
I hear her scream again, this time it is muffled and I can also hear a
guy yelling/whispering to be quite.
I listen closely because maybe its just the neighbours having sex.

Nope definitely not sex. I grab the phone and sit on the edge of the
bed trying to see if maybe I am just imagining it.

Nope its not in my head. I call the police to report it. 5 minutes
later the hubby wakes up out of a dead sleep. "Are you Ok? What are you

I explain what has happened he thinks I am just hearing things then he
peaks his head outside to see the police activity, about 5 minutes later
a BRIGHT police light floods the area and its like daylight in the
bedroom I can hear talking outside and then shortly after the police leave.

I try to breath again, buts its hard I am pretty frazzled from the
whole experience, I explain to the hubby that I am shaking, still thinking
about who might have been screaming and if the police are doing there
job properly or just brushing it off as nothing because they did not see
anything right away.
The truck that I heard the screaming from the car alarm goes off in. My
nerves are shot a little more..

I try to sleep and now I am wide awake.
I am SO tired today, these are days where I wish I drank coffee.

I hope everything is ok with whoever was screaming..... I still feel
sick about the whole situation

Monday, February 05, 2007


So we are sittng there having lunch enjoying the beautiful weather and I notice this guy!
I told Kylie to smile and I took a picture of this guy behind her, I pointed him out and then Kylie just as the guy walks by "Mommy he has hair like a girl!! Ewww!"
It was priceless. Why would anyone cut there hair like this
Humm any guesses? Mine was he was going bald in the front and he's so affraid of losing his hair he wants people to think he had lots of it. Humm I wonder if those are extensions??

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weekend recap

Well I was supposed to go into work again this Saturday but when I woke up my back was really hurting and I spoke to the other lady that I was going to go in with and we decided she would go and I would make up the time during the week. I did go in for a little bit to meet her for lunch and for a little chat, mostly to show her "my car" with the top down.
Which by the way her top was down ALL WEEKEND! Shes so much fun and I got a bit of a tan.

Today (Sunday) I went to the movies with one of my old friends from my previous job (the only one other than the VP that I still talk to) with her and her 2 kids to see Night at the Museum.
It was a good day, it was nice to get caught up and hear all the gossip since I had left, I took a bunch of pictures that I will post tomorrow, there is one that goes in the WTF category and it will make you laugh some people.

Still have not settled on a name for "my car" I L.O.V.E. all the suggestions though. I am thinking a few more days driving her and it will come to me.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Here she is!!!

So now she needs a name. She is so much fun to drive!!
It was weird and bitter sweet saying goodbye to my old Cavalier...
What should I name her? Is'nt she SO CUTE!! I am sure there will be MANY pictures to follow with the top down and crusing!!

Ok who does she look like??? I have been trying all day and nothing has come to me!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Guess who just bought herself a SWEET NEW RIDE!!!!

Its a VW Cabrio GLX CONVERTIBLE!!! And its so friggin cute. Its silver with a grey top, I took pictures and I promise to post them!! I am so excited, I have wanted a convertible for FOREVER!!!

My BIL found it on line today and him and the hubby went to test drive it and then I met them after work and now shes mine ALL MINE!!

I know a teaser post with no pictures but I will post them tomorrow and I will be dropping the rest of the news because the cat will be outta the bag tonight so HOPEFULLY it will be good news all around.
And no Jennifer I am not pregnant.

Look what I got in the mail!!

I have been having so MANY problems with this damn beta bullshit!! Anyways so remember this post? About wanting recommendations for music to run to? Anyways Patty (who is my new best friend) sent me these CD's full of great running music.
Thanks Patty!! Everyone wave to Patty!!
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