Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Look what I got in the mail!!

I was so excited to see the little UPS tag... could it be....

Ahh They are even more fabulous than they looked on line. They are WAY darker and WAY higher that I had thought. BUT THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!
AND THEY FIT!! I was so worried because I usually wear a 6 or 6 1/2 depending on the shoes, but these only came in a 7 so I ordered them anyways AND THEY FIT!! I think its because they are SO HIGH that the 6 1/2 would have been a little too small. So now I just have to find some cute little tops to go with them... I love shopping.

Oh this is the conversation I had with the hubby.

"Hey babe wanna see my new shoes?"

"I saw them already they are the purple ones right?"

"Yeah but do you want to see them on me?"

"I saw them already they are in your closet"

"No but do you want me to **wink wink** wear them for you?"

"Your so dirty"


Dixie said...

Saweet! Love those shoes!

The Real Kidd said...

My gosh those are some HOT shoes!

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