Monday, February 26, 2007

Sorry guys

I promise the BIGGEST blog soon, with pictures!!

My MIL just lost the love of her life (her words) They have been friends for 40 years and even dated and lived together for 2 years. She found his body. She's in rough condition I went to spend some time with her today and the hubby is spending the night. Crying takes a lot out of a person and I am really worried about her. I know she will be fine, but she just lost her other friend a week ago and now this. It's so sad really. She's one of the toughest people I know but losing 2 of the people that are the closest to you in a matter of weeks.

Myself I do not deal with death very well. I tend to be a bit emotional about stuff like this. I cry watching movies. I cried with the hubby when he came over and told him "Promise nothing will ever happen to you! I could never live without you"

In prime form he said "Nah you have nothing to worry about, I could never be that lucky!"

Gotta love that boy.

Sorry so blah I will be back soon.


ally said...

my heart goes out to your MIL.

Jonathan said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Your MIL is in my thoughts.

T-girl said...

Aww... (((hugs))) this is just not her month is it? Poor thing! I hope 2007 proves to be better for you all for the remainder of the year!

OH and btw, I made the hubby promise me he wouldn't go unless I do! LOL We have a pack: car crash all the way when we are 95! LOL I seriously can't imagine how I would go on without him, he is my rock!

Jenster said...

I'm so sorry for your MIL. Love your hubby's comment! I've decided I'm going first. Plain and simple.

Dixie said...

So sorry to hear that! My prayers and thoughts are with y'all!

The Real Kidd said...

I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with your MIL and your whole family at this time. ((hug))

RWA said...

It is sad to see people go through something like that. One of my good friends lost her mother a little more than a year ago.

Her dad didn't take it well at all. He wouldn't eat. He didn't sleep. He was a wreck. His family was worried, but that was how he was dealing with it.

Patty said...

I hate it when life slaps you in the face like that. Hold on tight until your mom-in-law comes out on the other side of sorrow. God bless you for being there for her.

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