Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Crazy calls

So I am dead asleep and I am startled awake by a girl screaming. Its
12:30 am. I nudge the hubby because clearly I want to make sure I am not
"just hearing things"
The man could sleep through a freight train running through the house.
I sit up and listen more closely.
I hear her scream again, this time it is muffled and I can also hear a
guy yelling/whispering to be quite.
I listen closely because maybe its just the neighbours having sex.

Nope definitely not sex. I grab the phone and sit on the edge of the
bed trying to see if maybe I am just imagining it.

Nope its not in my head. I call the police to report it. 5 minutes
later the hubby wakes up out of a dead sleep. "Are you Ok? What are you

I explain what has happened he thinks I am just hearing things then he
peaks his head outside to see the police activity, about 5 minutes later
a BRIGHT police light floods the area and its like daylight in the
bedroom I can hear talking outside and then shortly after the police leave.

I try to breath again, buts its hard I am pretty frazzled from the
whole experience, I explain to the hubby that I am shaking, still thinking
about who might have been screaming and if the police are doing there
job properly or just brushing it off as nothing because they did not see
anything right away.
The truck that I heard the screaming from the car alarm goes off in. My
nerves are shot a little more..

I try to sleep and now I am wide awake.
I am SO tired today, these are days where I wish I drank coffee.

I hope everything is ok with whoever was screaming..... I still feel
sick about the whole situation


CruiserMel said...

Yikes, things like this used to happen all the time to me when I lived in an apartment. I always felt like such an idiot calling the cops, but I would've wanted someone to call if it was me, ya know? You did the right thing. I mean, the guy might've been about to hurt her. You did good.

Joie de Vivre said...

this sounds awful, still not heard what it was about?

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