Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines day!!!

So its been a few days lots of things going on.

Being the great wife I am to surprise the hubby today I got up at 5am to take the dog out and I covered his car in heart stickers and put a big teddy bear in his car with chocolates and a card.... Yeah I rock sometimes. He had to ask when I had time to do

I called my mom to wish her a happy birthday yesterday and some things never change. I wish they did. My little brother answered. One of his best friends won an online poker tournament online and won a $7000 trip to Vegas, he and his other friend (all 3 of them came out to visit last year) are going to go to cheer him on which means I will be going out to visit. I told him to send me the details so I could make arrangements to go see him then I talked to my mom.

"Happy Birthday Mom!"

"There's nothing really happy about it now is there?"

"How are things..blah blah blah, things with me and the hubby are good blah blah"

" Negative, blah blah, nasty blah blah"

"Ok mom I have to go I am on my cell phone so I love you, happy birthday and I will call you when I get home"

"Oh sure use up all your minutes talking to your brother and its my birthday, fine call me later!!"

WHAT THE FUCK!! Serious! I love her I really its taken me MANY years (and some therapy)
to understand its not me. It never was me. But it still pisses me off. I wish one time she would be happy, happy for me, happy for life just happy in general. I wish she would say something positive just once. I know she loves me and right before I got married I told her how much all this bothers me and really makes me want to push her away. And don't get me wrong I am thankful still to have her in my life, we have been through a lot together as a family I just wish she would be happy. I wish I could make her happy.

Ok moving on.

Puppy is good we got a baby gate and the hubby picked out some REALLY expensive dog food (like $13 for 12 cups) but its good for the puppy and she LOVES it so I guess its the food to get. She's getting more comfortable with us which is good. Still working on the potty training but so far its going good.

I have been SO sick the last 4 days. So sick in fact that I got a pregnancy test. My boobs are KILLING me my back hurts (as always) and its even hard to hold down crackers. And usually none of this would be a problem buts its been 4 days and the puking is so violent that its really strange. I feel REALLY dinging and am misplacing stuff, getting swollen feet, my hands hurt my whole body hurts.


T-girl said...

I feel overwhelmed, I don't know what to say, who'd have thunk I'd have found out this way... I just am speachless... SISTER!!!!! ROTFL So um, yeah, how is Mom... I can't bring myself to call her the last few days... hopefully she has like user miles on that stake she likes to drive into our hearts, she could like fly to China and back at least ten times over on them! LOL (((Hugs))) from one "useless" daughter to another! ;)

So... what did the test say????? Are you up the duff or what? You can't just leave us hanging, without the answers. Go to the doc, let us know... I am so knocking everyone up right now, I want to have another baby so... I making everyone else do it for me! LMAO

Patty said...

This is your (loving) motherly voice of reason... GO TO THE DOCTOR. You know if it were Daisy throwing up like that you would have already had her in there. If you don't take care of you, then who will take care of your family? Maybe the doctor will tell you to "go buy some shoes and call her in the morning." It COULD happen!

On the mom note, let me just say that I know what it is like to be told on a daily basis how worthless I am. What I walked away with was the knowledge of how I DID NOT want to parent my children, and followed those guide lines to a T (except when really, really stress and then would sometimes slip up). You can't change your mom's attitude, but you can change things for your family. And, for the record, just because you don't love your mom's behavior, doesn't say/mean you don't love your mother.

Dixie said...

I wish I knew an answer to your mommy situation. All I can say is that I'm sorry!

Um, what you just did there, with the test thing! Not. Nice. What did the test say!?! You can't bring that up and not tell us the answer!!

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