Saturday, February 10, 2007


Eating garbage from the neighbours garbage can.
I saw her this morning when I went to run some errands and I knocked on the door she was in front of. No answer. So I brought her home and in minutes I feel in love with her. She has certainly been on the lose for some time because she is very boney and she has been very traumatized. She pees when she hears other dogs and she has been throwing up everything she eats. It could be also because we had her in the car and shes very scared. I took her over to Jessicas to see what she thought we should do and it was off to Target and pet smart to get supplies.

I have named her Daisy and shes SOOO cute. I have fallen in love with her, but even so I have put up signs in case she was someones pet. If she was and someone claims her I am going to have some choice words for those ass holes. No collar, no name tag no way to contact them.
So Jessica helped me use my powerful skills of negotiation with the hubby and he says as long as shes trained I can keep her.
WEEHOO I have a puppy..


astrocoz said...

Sounds like the little pup was abandoned...She is adorable!

About the peeing when hearing other dogs, you got to get her over that real soon and not baby her from other dogs or it will turn into an unhealthy behavior. As Caesar says, "Don't nurture unstable behavior."

The barfing is probably from not having food in a long time, the stomach has to adjust to regular food and will go away eventually. For now, if you give her cooked ground beef and white rice, it will stabalize her stomach a bit better. I've had sooo many doggie barfing and diarhea problems with my sensitive stomach dog!

If you need any doggie advice, I know a breeder that I can ask for feel free to holla!

Its so good of you to take the sweet girl in! And Daisy is a perfect name for her!

ally said...

Daisy is so freaking adorable! I have puppy fever now!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute!
Keep the pictures coming.
Talk soon

Dixie said...

How adorable! Love the name Daisy!

RWA said...

Good for you...looking out for that abandoned animal.

Anonymous said...

You crazy!!....say I've seen that dog before....Taco Bell? I think you should call her tacquita! lol.
Sorry haven't been in your card, I'm going to try to find time to mail you good. Laurie

Joie de Vivre said...

ahhh, shes gorgeous ... what did the vet say ?

Anne said...

She is beautiful! Im so glad that you found need a puppy!! Poor little thing...

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