Thursday, February 22, 2007

Its almost the weekend

1 more day till the weekend and I am so excited it. Oh and tomorrow I am getting a deep tissue massage for my back. That should be good. And one other thing but I am debating on telling all y'all about it.
Maybe after it...

So the thing I was all excited about that I was keep secret I can now
tell you all about.

My best friend in the world's 30th birthday is in May what I was
getting SO EXCITED about was that as a surprise for her birthday I was
scamming with her dad and her sister to surprise her and fly her out to
California to visit for a week (I LOVE her family which is why I spoke to
them first).
And then they were all excited and thought it would be such a great
idea, and my husband thought it would be a GREAT idea (I would be outta
his hair for a week) so I called her husband to tell him of our plans and
of my idea and then it got out of control.
He wants her to come and then he would come out too. See this is not a
bad idea but they whole premise of her coming out was for just the 2 of
us to spend time together it was as much of a celebration of her 30th
birthday and mine too (not until Oct but I will probably not be home
again by then)
And then he wanted to talk to her about it. And it ruined my surprise.
And now she's not coming because it has caused too much conflict.
And I am sad, at first I was angry but I TOTALLY understand where she
is coming from and it sucks but that's life.

But on the bright side I will be home for 2 weeks in May and I have
that time with her to look forward too and I AM SO EXCITED about that and
I am thankful that we are going to get to spend time together so that it.

Go ahead discuss


Dixie said...

I just had something like that happen to me. Seriously disapointing!

CruiserMel said...

Aw, bummer. It sounded like a good plan, too.

Happy Weekend!

Punk Rock Mom said...

thats sucks. Hey I turn 30 in Oct too!!

T-girl said...

Awww bummer but at least you get to have a massage! Can you enjoy it for me also, can you ask her to go extra deep at between the blades... maybe I will actually feel it! LMAO SO jealous here!

RWA said...

That is no fun. Just goes to show what happens when too many people are involved in surprises, huh?

katherine. said...

too did sound like you were excited...

Joie de Vivre said...

It sounds like a disappointment, and maybe a bit of minor drama ensued out of good intentions, it happens.

You guys can celebrate belated/early birthdays next time you catch up.

Anonymous said...

boo hoo!!!

I still love you anyways :)

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