Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Ok first off. Thank you all for your well wishes. It means a lot. The
hubby's mom is doing ok now. Well as best as you can in a situation like

Ok on to fun things.

So I was supposed to go. Then because I could not book our resort (we
own shares and stay free whenever we like) Jessica and I decided not to
go. Then I threw caution to the wind and said screw it lets just show
up at the resort and see what they say. We had already booked our flight
(driving to Vegas on a Friday is INSANE!) so we went. I was not really
worried because we are owners really what could they do? Tell us no?

On the flight even before we took off the flight attendant told us we
could not have any booze. WE were laughing pretty hard at some of the
things were we seeing and had not even had ANYTHING to drink!! We ordered
some Vodka and cranberry juices and because the flight was so short (45
minutes) by the time we got our drinks we had to chug them because they
wanted the garbage.

Needless to say the guys sitting beside us was probably regretting his
choice we were so giggly also Jessica put an airborne thing in her bottle and it fuzzed

Anyways, we arrive in Vegas and wait for our rental car FOREVER they
are low on vehicles and we reserved an economy car and were put in a PT
Cruiser Convertible SWEET! We cruise around the airport seeing how I
think EVERY airport in America needs to be impossible to get out of.

We show up at the resort and leave Jessica in the car while I work my
magic. I smile at the lady checking for my reservation and she explains
to me it looks like it had been cancelled but don't panic ( we were on
the waiting list) she called her manager and asked how to book it in.
They chalked it up to a computer error and in minutes we were unloading
into the room. I must say I can be pretty charming when I need to be.
So we got our room without a hitch.

I check

in with my baby brother and see where they are at, they are
over at Hooters and we go and join them for a minute. Being in the same
city as family I had to see him and give him a hug and kiss. It was SO
good to lay eyes on him it really made me miss home.

The resort had a full kitchen so we stopped for groceries on the way
back, Jessica was pretty sick and I was REALLY tired so we called it a
night. We were both loving the resort we had our own beds and we each had
our own bathrooms ( I should have taken pictures) so sleep was in order
( I know pretty boring but when you get to be my

I woke up early and cooked breakfast we booked our deep tissue massages
for 7pm which was the only time slot available so we took it. And off
to town we went, shopping, milkshakes, cruising in the convertible.

the afternoon I dropped Jessica off and went to meet my brother, we hung
out for a bit got caught up had some drinks, played some blackjack.
It really was a great weekend~~~

I will post some more pictures in a minute!!


RWA said...

I'm glad you were able to get to Vegas and have some fun.

Well done!

ally said...

i'm so envious! sounds like you had a blast!

T-girl said...

SOOO jealous! Not only did you get to go to Vegas... you got a DEEP tissue massage. I ahve an ex co-worker that lives and works in Vegas now... she is the best massage therapist EVER and you made me miss her even more! LOL

I am glad you had a good time and got to see the bro! Nothing like spending some time with the fams to recharge your battery sometimes!

Patty said...

Glad you were able to get away and enjoy yourself, and that you didn't let a little thing like not having a place to stay stop you.
It is good to be reminded that confidence and not taking no for an answer will not only get you far in this life, but will also get you a great room AND a massage. I am hanging onto that reminder for the future.

Dixie said...

Sounds like fun! I'm jealous of that massage! I want one!

Joie de Vivre said...

wow!! your eyes are so beautiful!!

Jenster said...

Sounds like a great weekend. We're close to Atlantic City, but it's just not the same. I love Sin City!

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