Monday, February 19, 2007


Its time to cut it all off again. My hair grows so fast.
So here is what I am thinking of. I like the shortness of this. I just wish I could make it look like this. So I will make sure to take before and after pictures. Snarky girl is getting her hair cut too and was looking for a look that would look good messy (ha ha we both have convertibles) so I think this would look cut all messed up too.

Things that have been pissing me off lately!!

1.The Real Kid has changed her template and now I can not comment and its REALLY bugging me, because I know she wants to hear what I have to say!!! I know she does. (she just ran a 5k with her sister and I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!)

2.Stupid ass beta blogger is giving me a REALLY hard time leaving comments. It takes forever and lots of times it will not let me at all!! sniff sniff

3. The drivers side window on my car rattles. It bugs me!

4. I need to keep sunblock in the car, I have had the top down for over a week now and I am sunburned. (I know you are all jealous)

In puppy news (like you want to hear more about that) she seems to be trained. Serious, I bought this gimmick spray you spray on the puppy pads and she has not had a house accident since!! She even jumped outta bed to use the pads!!! I am so proud of her she's come a LONG way!


Dixie said...

I am extremely jealous of the sunburn!

Glad to hear Daisy is doing good with her training!

alfredsmom said...

I like that hair style. I think that would be a great choice for you!

rpm said...

You have to show us a pic of yourself with the new hairdo. Yes, I wouldn't mind a convertable of my own...the husband has one but I don't know how to drive it and he is not a patient

ally said...

yay on puppy training!

it rained today! boo! but, i'm not going to complain much since the weekend was really nice. yay!

i've been fortunate about beta blogger (crossed fingers)

CruiserMel said...

Uh oh, I'm sensing the puppy has a new mommy and mommy is going to have to figure out a way to hide said puppy from the apartment folks. It's just a feeling.

RWA said...

Sunburned because of a convertible? What a great problem to have.

Anonymous said...

aahhhhh! yay for the little peanut. see that mum....she's trying to be so good for you.

is the guilt working? cause I can keep pouring this crap out till you beg me to stop.

Anonymous said... the scalp burn baby. no one likes flaking skin in the hair. been there...done wasn't pretty.

The Real Kidd said...

Oh, I really like that cut! Too cute!

I had no idea you couldn't comment on my blog! I'm sorry honey! To tell the truth, I have been thinking of changing it. Hmm, maybe it's time. *grin*

Oh yeah, and I am SOOOO jealous of the sunburn too. :P

~ Amanda X&O said...

A little love (and some patience) are all it takes to potty train. Have you decided to keep her?

Sam said...

I'm not jealous of the sunburn, but I am jealous of the hair. I have to wait until Friday to get mine done. Gray hairs-begone!!

Anonymous said...

That would look great on you.
Keep me posted

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