Sunday, February 11, 2007

So sad about puppy

So hubby and I have had a talk. The building management charges a $1000 deposit for dogs. Because I found her and we are "good" tenants they said they can reduce it to only $500.
And then there is the vet which Jessica says should not be that much for the initial evaluations and then its just maintence.
And then there is the time factor, the hubby has always felt REALLY strongly about having a dog in an apartment. He does not think its fair and as much I try to convince myself it really is not.
She is such a good dog and needs SO much love and would be alone for over 10 hours a day, locked in the kitchen (no worries its a HUGE space because shes so small) but still its not fair.
I love her TO DEATH already and I am really attached but the more I think about it the more I think we are not ready.
I posted an add for her and I am going to be picky who I give her to. I am not charging anything but because shes a bit of a princess and needs to be the only pet because of all the trauma shes already been through. Between Jessica spoiling her and me we have over $100 worth of stuff for her already.
It breaks my heart to give her up but I think its the right thing to do. Right now anyways. Jessica even offered to take her to train her for a few weeks and she would take her but we live in the same building and there is a 2 pet minimum and shes already at that. If she was not such a cute little dog and no one would notice her then I could sneak her here, but you know me. I can not do that. Everything would need to be on the up and up.

Frig I wish I was dishonest some times. But I know there is a family out there that will LOVE her to death.
**sigh** I'll keep you posted. I am taking her to the pound to have a one over on her tomorrow after work to see if she looks sick, or has been fixed already. Tito (Jessica's dog) is going to the vet tomorrow Daisy bit his nose and now he has an eye infection so I hope it was not Daisys fault. I will have the pound give her a one over, if shes healthy I will hold her till I find her a home, if shes not I will pay to have her put down. The more I think about it and how skinny she is and how long she was a stray I wonder if there is anything wrong....... fingers crossed shes a healthy puppy and I can find her a home.


rpm said...

She is a doll! I hate that you can't keep her but I understand. You might could look for a chihuahua rescue organization in your area to turn her over to.

Patty said...

A story about true love just in time for Valentine's day. Daisy is ther perfect name for her, and you are a very loving brave soul to do what is best for her rather than what you would like to do for you. Keep following your heart, it won't lead you astray (no pun intended. If I had, I would have typed the word "to" and put it in parenthases before the word "astray", but your heart can lead you "to a stray" when the time is right...Now I am just rambling and I will stop).

Dixie said...

I hope she's healthy and that she finds a good loving home.

I once did the same thing with a cat I found. Spent $700 on vet bills getting him back to a healthy state and then gave him away becasue I could not keep him. Broke my heart. But at least I knew that he had a good home and was not on the street starving and suffering.

Jonathan said...

Like rpm said, there are animal rescue/adoption places you could take her to that can find a foster home for her until she is adopted by a loving family. She is such a cutie, I do not think it would take long.

CruiserMel said...

I was going to suggest a rescue organization (see, but it looks like some others beat me to it. Either way, you're a sweetie for caring so much about a little lost soul. She IS cute. Those ears are so funny!

The Real Kidd said...

She is so cute. I wish you could keep her, but I'm sure you are doing what is best for her.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I think you should keep the little thing. I mean, we're not talking like it's a great dane in an apartment for cripes sake. she's so small....the apartment is just right for her. get her some wee pads for the long hours.

keep her.

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