Friday, February 09, 2007

No sooner are the words out of my mouth...

Yeah well a girl can change her mind (I do this often). You know how the post JUST below this one I profess that I can not buy shoes on line.
Well I have made a liar out of myself. I blame the hubby having to work tomorrow on this because he had to go to bed early (he gets up @ 5am) so I am left to my own vices here on the computer all by myself looking at all the pretty shoes on line.

Damn website (shoes dot com, you should totally go there and see what I am talking about)


And in my defense they were only $17.99 did I mention free shipping. And also I do not have purple yet. In 3-7 days I will own purple shoes totally my favorite color!! Oh and they only had them in one size MY SIZE!!! What are the chances?? I mean they are meant to be. Really they are. Aren't they PURRTTEY!!! And if they are weird or do not fit or I hate them when they get here (yeah right) THE HAVE FREE RETURNS!!

My hubby is so going to take away my Internet privileges.

**sigh** I should start a support group for this


Sandy said...

Those are pretty...My favorite color, too. I am shocked they were only $17.00.

T-girl said...

They ARE pretty so all is fogiven... not sure if the Hubby will go with the philosophy though! LMAO Great price too! I am going to ahve to check them out!

Patty said... am SOOOOO going there. Funny how I can't remember what I had for dinner last night, but if someone asks me "where did you get those shoes" I can tell them in a heartbeat, no matter how long I have had them., shoesdo... My new mantra.

Thanks for the tip. I am all giggy inside just thinking about visiting the site.

Talk about needing a life!

katherine. said...

nice score.

I have the same ones in black...but steve madden and store didn't get as good as a deal.

Boobless Brigade Master said...

I cannot go to that website.
I cannot go to that website.
I cannot go to that website.
Send any of your hand-me-down shoes to me.
I cannot go to that website.
I cannot go to that website.
I cannot go to that website.

SJ said...

I really want those shoes. They will match my full length Prince shiny purple coat from the 80s.

...Okay, I totally don't have one of those coats. But I really wish I did. I guess the shoes are the first step.

Thanks for the link. I shall reciprocate shortly.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Very nice!

Dixie said...

Love them! Love, love, love!!!

I'll be the first to sign up for the support group!

Ally said...

from what it sounds like the shoes were obviously meant for you!!! so you should get a free pass from your hubby.

Mummy said...

damn, they are hawt! i dont think shoesdotcom will deliver free to nz, dammit!

GERBEN said...

I FREAKEN love those shoes!

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