Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh what a few days its been

Ok this will be long but I will try to make it short.

I love my new car L.O.V.E.

I have called 911, 2 times this week. Once because this guy was walking through traffic on the FREE WAY and then last night when I heard a girl screaming out my window see the earlier post.

I was told today at work by a physic a few interesting things. I looked over at her and she was smiling at me and she told me that my husband is my destiny. She said everyone has a destiny in this life and my husband is part of mine. She said "One step in either direction and people's destiny's can change to be patient with him as he is the reason I am on the path I am" (I could go on about the truth to this but I will spare all of you)
Also she said I have a purple aura about me and I am very kind and I wear my heart on my sleeve and people take advantage of that to be careful.( Again SO true)
She told the girl I HATE at work that she is on the wrong path, appropriately I laughed out loud.
Then because I am a smart ass I asked her how many children I would have? She said that I am going to have 4 children. 1 boy then twin girls and she could not tell what the 4th would be.


I am SO excited about my surprise and hopefully I will be able to spill the beans in a few days. Actually I thought of bitching about the situation to all of you but that would not be fair not knowing "the whole story"

We just found out that the hubby's "Aunt" and I say it like that because shes not REALLY family shes just one of his mom's best friends has had a terrible stroke, and no one will tell her significant other that while she was sedated she had ANOTHER REALLY bad stroke and shes not going to come back from it. All hope is that she will pass because if she WERE to come too she would be almost completely paralyzed (both right and left side strokes) they have her on life support but they are not giving her much time its such sad news, but almost a reminder of how precious life is "You were never promised tomorrow" Hubby spent time with his mom today I just hope she's doing ok and not in any pain.


Joie de Vivre said...

sad news about the aunt, and how weird was the psychic... i dunno how much i believe in that tho, there are some clever 'readers' out there.

Patty said...

FIRST, how did you get lucky enough to have a psychic at work? I never had fun like that when I had a real job.

Once upon a time, I went to see a psychic for fun with a friend. She went first and loved her reading. When it was my turn I refused to give the psychic any specific direction choosing to have her just tell me whatever. She got really pissed at me and stormed out and told the person at the counter to give me my money back. I told my friend that the psychic and I must have had issues in a past life.

Dixie said...

Sorry to hear about the hubby's "aunt". That is just awful.

RWA said...

That's bad news about the aunt.

But that's pretty cool to have a psychic at work.

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