Saturday, August 28, 2010

800 miles down

Only 1300 more to go.

We have stopped in Cheyenne WY to spend time with friends.

We had to make a change to our plans of taking 10 days to travel because the movers said its only going to take 5 days to get our stuff to CA.

Daisy is doing REALLY well! We are so happy, she LOVES the car and she seems to be herself so we are going to stop worring..

So once our stuff gets there we are going to leave and finish our trip!

I can not wait to get there!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I found a place!!

I made it to San Francisco with only a few delays....

In Kansas 10 minutes before we were able to board a HUGE thunder and lightning storm passed through. You could not even see the airplanes out of the windows the rain was that hard.

My flight connected in Salt Lake City and I had 15 minutes to spare to make it to my connecting flight. Well I BOUNCED off the plane and ran to the agent meeting the plane

We landed at B4

Yeah my connecting flights was at E76

I ran like crazy, people were grabbing their children and gasping at what I site I was running like a mad man through the airport..

I did not make it.

And this is what I looked like after the mad dash, I am one of those people who works out and goes BEAT red.

Yeah so it was 3 hours till my next flight but the airport had these wonderful little stations

They were little cubicles so you had this little private area with a plug in to do whatever you wanted...It sure made the time go fast..

Saturday I was up super early to start my apt hunt. I promised myself I would not fall in love with the first place I saw and I would be objective, and have an open mind...

Well after 18 apartments (yes it was a VERY busy, exhausting day) I kept going back to the first one I saw. I am SHOCKED at some of the prices and the garbage that people rent out here...

But in my defense did anything else really stand a chance??

(view from the bedroom)
Our front yard
The BEAUTIFUL kitchen....
Off the patio....
So who's coming to visit?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Living out of suitcases

And I am not even upset!! Super excited to head out on this new adventure.

Its so funny how things happen some times.

As of yesterday everything is a go (we were anxiously awaiting approval to have the move paid for) because there is no way we could afford to pay for it on our own.

Its approved, movers are booked and tomorrow

I AM FLYING TO SAN FRANCISCO to find a place to live!! I am so excited! I am a little nervous about being there alone. Hubby needs to stay behind to help hire the 2 people that will be doing his job (figures huh?)

But its exciting. And we bought a GPS so it will be easier for me to find things. The peninsula is not that big so other than wrong turns its like an island so hard to get lost.

I have 5 appointments on Saturday with people looking to rent. I am also meeting with a Realtor to look AT NEW HOMES!! (well not new, new because we are not millionaires )

I have 4 days to find somewhere to live!! Akkk Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sooo it may have come a few days early...

My last day was supposed to be Thursday however I went in for my shift this morning and I had to leave.

When I talked about hanging up my apron strings I was DEAD SERIOUS, this idiot this morning (keeping in mind its my first table of the day) I go over to greet the table this is how it goes.

Me "Good morn....."

Jackass "Coffee, and water and I need a large glass for my water" (there are already water glasses on the table"

So I get back to the table with coffee and water

Jackass "uuhhh geezz can we get some "fresh" coffee..mubble mubble"

Me "Oh the coffee that was poured 2 minutes ago with a pot that has a hold time of 6 hours is not fresh enough for you?"

Annnnddd I hand my apron to my manager and walk out.... Yep.


3 more days was not worth my sanity. And I do not even feel bad. I mean I was not even supposed to work the last week because I had given my notice 2 months ahead of time but they were so short staffed that I agreed to stay longer...

And Done.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Making complete strangers cry

So being that we are moving and all, I had a HUGE box of stuff that was left over from couponing, stuff that I would not be using in the near future.

Anyways I went back to My new love Craigslist and posted the whole box for $20 there is probably about $150 worth of stuff in there.

So I had a lady call wondering the different prices of everything and I explain its for everything and they had to come get it that night.

She said her husband would be by in about an hour.

Then about 10 minutes later she called me back, and went on to explain to me that she lost her job when she was diagnosed with cancer and they went to apply for assistance but because her husband has a good job with the post office they would not give her assistance and they have twin 12 year olds.

Times are tough and she asked if I was doing any more couponing before we leave if I could keep her and her family in my thoughts and anything would help.

So hubby and I got to talking and I asked him if I should just give her all the food in our fridge and freezer (it has to be cleaned out anyways) and the 3 boxes of dry goods (pastas, sauces, soups ect) that had already been packed. We were worried about offending her so I called her back.

She cried on the phone and said she "knew" God would provide and its in his hands. After her family came to pick everything up (her husband looked stunned as I refused his money) she sent me this text

"I just wanted you to know that even though its not Christmas it felt like Christmas to us. Even my husband broke down and cried as we prayed and thanked you and God for the blessing that was bestowed on us this evening. GOD BLESS you on your trip and if there is anything we could ever do for you please let us know"
We are so blessed in our lives it makes my heart sing to be able to help someone else who is in need.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Craiglist Love Part 2

So I told you about my love for Craiglist

Well it continues

I have been able to pawn off (tee hee) all the stuff we are no longer using with almost no pain.

And the BIGGEST score ever?

Well I was perusing (cause I love it) I found MY DREAM BED!

Really we have been wanting a Sealy Posterpedic King size Memory foam mattress FOREVER, but really the $3000 price tag was a little out of our league.

Well LOVELY craiglist had a posting for $600!!

But I thought eww someone elses mattress...

So I called anyways, turns out this lady works for Dillards and they bought the bed AND IT DID NOT FIT! STILL HAS TAGS ON IT!!

I may have squealed in glee and I offered $300 (gotta try right?) although it was a GREAT deal and I went to check it out and its BRAND friggin new and he countered with $400!!!


Really who's a lucky girl?

AND he is delivering it. For free!

I love you Craiglist **sigh**

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Highlights of the 10 day ROAD TRIP!!

Well we wait for our stuff to get to San Francisco we are going to embark on a little road trip!! I am so excited! They told us to ship one of the cars it would take about 17- 20 days so we have opted to drive them ourselves and enjoy the sites!

Daisy LOVES the car we even have to spell C. A. R in the house or she freaks out so there will be lots of this!

First stop is Wyoming.. Where we moved to Kansas from to spend some time with friends

And then a day on the road till we get here

Yes we are FINALLY going to the Grand Canyon!! How cool is that! And they just opened that new glass thing to walk out! So cool!

And then we may stop here for a bit

Or we will drive through it anyways...

And then on to sunny California, the hubbys family is there so we are going to spend a few days..

Hubby and his mom.. there will be lots of hugs for sure!

I am SO EXCITED!! 2 weeks from today and we will be on the road!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hanging up my apron strings

I think I may give up being a waitress

For good.

I have done it for almost 20 plus years off and on but I think I am done. I LOVE the job, the people (most of the time) but its time.

So fingers crossed I find something great in San Francisco!

I think I want to be a nanny. Seeing how we are not having kids I think it would be so much fun to help raise someone elses?

Does that sound weird?

It would be the best of both worlds, I LOVE kids, LOVE them and I could take care of them all day and then go home to the hubby and Daisy (truly our baby).

Well I am looking at a few options and I just hope I can find something I LOVE!

23 days till the big move!!! I am so excited!!
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