Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Craigs List love!

So now we know we are moving. We have quotes from the movers (AKKK so expensive but less than what we both thought) so now we purge.

We had decided to get rid of our couch and love seat because we would BOTH love a new one, We have had it for almost 7 years, its been good to us. And we have been fairly gentle to it too.

Soooo Just testing the waters I posted them to Craigslist (which I heart btw) and within MINUTES I had about 4 emails about it. Within the hour someone committed to buying them (but it fell through but I am not worried)

And we also posted tires that came off the hubbys car last year when he bought fancy smancy rims and new tires.

Those were gone in 1 hour too!

We also have side stands and a coffee table just cheap from Target maybe we spent $60 on them and I posted those as well and I got this email

Hi, my name's Lauren and I'm a student at Emporia State. I'm moving into my first apartment this year and since I'm a pretty poor college student, I'm looking for some inexpensive furniture. I would LOVE your three tables. Are you still asking just $25 for them?

So when her and her dad came to get them SHE LOVED THEM, and went on excited about her first place and college and everything...

So I told her she could have them but she had to do good in school!

Her dad gave me the biggest bear hug and said "You have no idea the lesson you are teaching our daughter right now"


Katie said...

what a sweet story!!! When I got my first apartment in college I did a lot of the craigs list searching and it is so wonderful how nice people can be!

Sara said...

Awww that makes my heart smile :-)

I like craig's list but never had cool stuff like that happen.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

How exciting about the move! I've heard Craiglist is awesome for selling stuff!

Magnolia Sun said...

How sweet of you. I sold some furniture on craigs list when we moved and it was gone in a few days, maybe I was selling too cheap but at least I got rid of it.

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