Friday, July 09, 2010

The hubby killed it!

The hubby killed my favorite cup.

I almost cried.
If you have one of these you would understand.

I was upset and he explained that he has put it in the dishwasher a million times and no problems...

I explain it needs to be on the top shelf only... and the hubby was all like "Why are you so upset? You can just get another one"

Me "Babe I have had that for a years they sell on Ebay for $80!"

Hubby "What, no way... googles it... Ummm its only $60 on line"

Too funny.

I was upset and bid goodbye in hopes that Starbucks would release more...

AND I GOT A NEW ONE!! I walked into a Starbucks (which is so strange because I can not warrant spending $8 on a drink and VOILA there they were... It was meant to be..

And only $15. So I hope this one last me another few years!

Do you have anything you love and use everyday?


Magnolia Sun said...

That is too funny. I have a plastic insulated pink cup/glass although not glass. I got it from walmart about 9 years ago for probably $1 I use it everyday, I even take it on trips with me and of course I can't find another anywhere. I like because it doesn't sweat and the drink stays cold.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Magnolia- Its double insulated I can leave it in my car with ice in it in 100 degree weather and my drink (usually water) stays cold.. i LOVE IT!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is too funny. Its meant to be!

tootie said...

Haha! My husband doesn't quite get the "top shelf only" rule either. We have a number of water bottles that have become casualties :)

Bloggy Blog Designz said...

I love those... they are FABULOUS!!!!!

Mrs. Justice said...

I love mine too!

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