Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little emergency surgery to get the blood flowing..

So Tuesday the hubby texts me he is going home sick.

Ok just a little back filler THE MAN NEVER GETS SICK! Serious in 12 years he has barfed 1 time. He does not take anything for a cold, does not even like to take advil for a headache.

I call him to check in and he tells me his belly hurts.

We both chalk it up to gas, or maybe he just has to poop.

I get home from work and he says

"I think we have to go to the hospital"

So the panic starts, but I try to stay calm, so does he. He says he may just try to sleep it off but the pain in his belly is REALLY bad. (I try to think of how strong I was LAST time)

We error on the side of caution (because we are both worried about another ER bill) but we go anyways.

We shimmy into the hospital and are seen RIGHT AWAY, we did not even have a chance to sit in the waiting room.

We get shown into the room and there are 3 nurses there. All doing different things. We wait a little bit (maybe 20 minutes) for the Dr.

He comes in, does his tests and then says its 1 of 3 things.

Kidney Stones
Gall Bladder

And off to a ct scan he goes.

Yep appendicitis. They use words like life threatening and emergency surgery.

We wait a couple of hours for the surgery team to get there, 2 anesthesiologist, 4 nurses and one trauma surgeon everyone was on call.

It was VIP service all the way. The hospital WAS AMAZING! Hands down I have NEVER seen service like this.

He is doing great! They insert CO2 gas into the belly and the gas has moved into his shoulder (completely normal) which has caused him lots of pain but each day is getting better...

But I have had this pit/nausea/panic thing that will not go away? Its so weird, its all done, he's ok but I can not shake this anxiety?

Just before they wheeled him away and I cried like a baby...

And in true blogging fashion we took a picture but he will not let me post it.... Well because I promised not to show the world. He looks so cute!


Magnolia Sun said...

I feel for him, the gas has got to be the worse part. I don't know why they have to pump so much of it in you. When mine were removed they weren't sure that was my problem until they tested it after the surgery. I told the dr if he was going in to come out with something!! Hope he feels better soon.

Steph said...

Oh my! I hope he feels better soon and that he's not too crabby.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh wow! I hope he gets better soon! That sucks that it was his appendix

tootie said...

Oh my goodness..glad he is ok!!

Unknown said...

Thank heavens he is alright. I know form experience how awful and painful the gas is in the shoulder but seriously, yay for him being on the road to recovery!

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