Sunday, May 14, 2006

The walk WAS AMAZING!!

I can not even begin to tell you how AMAZING it was. ---->>>
Its hard to tell but this sign says I am running in Support of ANNE.
It feels really great to have been part of something that is so amazing and so HUGE.

The day started out EARLY I was out of bed at 3:30am which was not so bad, its weird I did not even need my alarm to go off I was that excited! I met up with my friend Teresa and we were off. After we parked we caught a quick breakfast and then headed off to registration. They gave us gift bags full of goodies and then we had some time so we walked around to check out the sites. I only cried about a 25 times. I called "Anne" to say hi and try to describe to her what it was like to be there. 130, 000.00 people out to fight one cause.

There were LOTS of celebrities there, and I am not sure why I was surprised considering it was in LA but what did surprise me is at how "REAL" all these people were. All the Desperate housewives were there, actually I think the only was who was not there was Eva Longoria. Felicity Huffman kicked off the walk as you can see from my picture. She looked so amazing!! No makeup or anything, and after she started the action about 2 minutes later she came jogging right by!!(body guard in tow) but she joined in! I was a fan before but I am even more so now. I know they do it for the publicity but they never really were required to run. There were a few others who signed autographs but did not run.
This one is Kate Bosworth.

It was so much fun and so many different people, all walks of life all been touched in one way or another by cancer. Words can not explain the feeling of being there. Along the walk there was a HUGE church that had all the priests/Ministers out on the law cheering the crowds on. It was amazing to see so many people filing into the church for a quick prayer and then back to the walk. There were people that lived along the path that were out on there balconies waving and cheering for everyone. When we got to the end they made you run down USC's tunnel into their stadium where the only thing to describe it would be that feeling you get where you are so choked up and over whelmed and happy and... I can not explain.
But there were a lot of tears, and joy and hugs. Teresa's grandmother has terminal cancer and she met us just before we got to the stadium and Teresa was able to push her in her wheelchair across the finish line. There were more hugs and more tears.
Everyone there had there own reasons for being there but we were all connected....

The grand total was $508!!

Thank you Again.


bornfool said...

Glad to help and thanks to you for doing it. Let's make it an annual event.

Jonathan said...

Awesome, just awesome.

Anne said...

I agree..the pictures made me cry. Im going to do it with you next year.

The Real Kidd said...

Wow. I have goose bumps. That is so awesome. Thank you Random & to everyone who walked, ran, gave and showed support. Together we can do something about this terrible thing we call cancer.

susan_nz said...

Fab work !! You've made me cry with your inspiring enthusiasm.

Congratulations Random.

Anonymous said...

congrats you.

a friend of mine did the walk out this way. she said it was the most amazing thing ever.

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