Saturday, June 07, 2008

"OMG Becky look at her but!!!"

The funniest thing EVER happened last night. Went out with the hubby to see his friend play in a band at a local bar.

It was a country bar so we stayed for a few sets and then headed to the "club" we like to go to.

Well my friend was BUSTING it on the dance floor when all of a sudden she looks at me..

"Dude I just split my pants!!"

"What? Your kidding right" As I burst into tears laughing and check to ensure she busted her pants "thinking" it would only be a small hole.

Nope split from the ass to her knee.

I was laughing so hard I was crying. Serious. She tried to look at me a few times and tell me it was not funny but laughed just as hard.

So we shimmy back to the hubby who is so kind as to remove his shirt (he was wearing a button down) to give to her to "escort" her and her bare ass out of the club.

It was SO funny..... And I am glad it was not me.. Although I must say that it had happened to me many moons ago when I was wearing some silver leather pants...Oh yeah all class us ladies.

All class!

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T's Pink Gloves said...

WOW! When she does something she does it right! All the way to her kneees- serious talent in that!!!!!LMAO

I try hard not to laugh when things like this happens to others for fear that Carma really IS a bitch and she is calling my name! LMAO But it is hard because let's face it, it is just funny and if you can't laugh at the absurdatities of yourself, others and life in general what can you laugh at? Seriously sweet of the hubby though to give her an "escort" though!

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