Monday, August 21, 2006

You know you are addicted when??

To Big Brothers All Stars when..

1. You plan to leave to Vegas AFTER 9pm on Tuesday because you can not stand to miss an episode.

2. You are already plotting your "Thur" vacation night to include maybe a dinner AT the HOTEL as to not miss Big Brothers All Stars.

3. You GASP in horror as Howie gets backed doored by Chill Town.

4. You secretly hope that Jannelle (even though she ANNOYS THE HELL OUTTA ME) wins it all or at least stays in a few more weeks cause the WHOLE house hates her.

5. You think about getting the feed but no one at work would REMOTELY understand.

6. You secretly hope Chill Town chokes on a chicken bone

7. Chicken George is smarter than he lets on.


Lori said...

haha. Well I am certianly addicted. Love it more than sliced bread :)

Anonymous said...

I know, why Howie?

Anonymous said...

that was my Howie comment by the wya!


Anne said...

OMG..we havent even ever talked about this. We have matching addictions!

I so want Janelle to win..even though she has been kinda dumb. And if Will wins I guess I will be okay since he has masterminded the whole damn season.

But Boogey? James? Danielle? HATE EM.

My world revolves around Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday.

DO you read spoiler sites? Im addicted. This is the best one:

T-girl said...

Oh this is sad... I have NO idea WHAT you are refering too! My big deal is when I don't have to watch Dora one day! LMAO

I am totally addicted to Ghost Hunters currently! LOL

Danke Shane said...

I am so out of the loop! Hey, thanks for linking, I will link back today!

Virginia Belle said...

i LOVED seasons 4 and 5, but i can't get into this one. will is a total asshole, and i hate him even though he is really good.

i tried to get into this season, but my schedule isn't meshing well with the show's schedule, so i keep missing episodes. i have basically given up.

i don't like that some of them already knew each other when the show started. i like watching them learn what makes the others tick. to me, it kinda ruined it.

i like janelle, too. she should win. she is smart, but not an asshole like will.

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