Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I got my 10 year green card. I am officially legal till August 2016, which to me is completely unfathomable right now.
Where will I be in 10 years? Who the hell knows. At least I will be able to go home and visit and not have to worry about any more paperwork. WEHHOO
YEAH for me.

My sister FINALLY (wink wink) emailed me today. Turns out all is well on the home front and mom is going back to work.
My sister just started college and I am SO proud of her. I am trying to convince her to come out and visit again. I am hoping to get home by the end of the year but I am a little Leary now because its GOING TO BE COLD!! Call me a baby, but last time I went home in November I was scared to leave the house. That's what 3 years living in California will do to you. (that and I am from the East coast...Really east coast -27 in the winter East coast)

Work is going well. If I must say so. I mean no one wants to work but a "few" thing have come up lately and I am looking at things a little differently than I was (yes I got more money) but its not about that. I think I am finally going to stop fighting it. I like what I do, work always sucks but if you have to work it may as well be something you LOVE to do?
Does that make sense?
Anyways I am happy for now.

I have my "interview" with Fair employment on the 6th (Wed) to see if I will be award the right to sue. Bastards who did not hire me, well they DID hire me then found out about my disability and then changed there minds. Read about it here and here
My own lawyer has also explained what will happen, once awared the right to sue the company is fined from the Gov and will settle outta court. I have kept all documentation from the "incident" so I should be Ok. I am not even looking for money its the priciple. I will have this disability for the rest of my life and its not fair that ANY company can treat you different because of it.
And they should pay and they will. Ironically I am doing THE EXACT same job as I was hired then not hired for so my lawyer says its open and shut case.


Andy said...

From one East coaster, to another ex-East coaster, I am SO jealous. If I had to be from away, I'd be from away in California as well. Tough call though. Lobster...sun, snow. Hmmm. Congratulations on the green card though. Hope you have a nice tan line :-)

Battlerocker said...

Congradulations and good luck!

Mr. Husbland said...

Grats! May you have a wonderfully full 10 years!

astrocoz said...

Congrats! How exciting!

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