Thursday, August 10, 2006


While I perusing the isles at the mall I started to notice that there are some really "old" trends starting to come back. The first thing I started to notice was the "skinny" jeans. You know the ones that are supposed to be so tight that you lay back on the bed and wiggle your skinny ass into them and its the only way you can zip them up! (don't try to pretend you never did it) And then there are the leggings. I never DREAMED these would make a come back, I remember in high school wearing leggings with a hockey jersey and 8 hole docs (don't laugh at me)
And getting dressed up was wearing one of my moms blouses and a HUGE belt. Who knew these styles would make a come back.
Its too bad I am not a size 4 anymore and can no longer wear my mothers belts because lets just say my mother has NEVER gotten ride of anything that's ever gone outta style and she still has about 4 drawers full of belts.
Maybe that's were I get it from (the clothes hoarding)


insanity said...

remember you pinning my jeans???

~ Amanda X&O said...

The leggings underneath miniskirts will NEVER be cool to me. I just can't see myself doing that ever.

T-girl said...

OMG.... I talked about this recently also! This whole season looks like 80's vomite! I want to die!!!

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