Thursday, July 09, 2009


I am so getting a hang of this coupon thing!! I did not do as well as I could have because I did not have a coupon for EVERY ITEM, but I did pretty good and I know where I made my mistakes.

My total bill was $56.09 and out of pocket I only paid $8.67!! A savings of OVER $47!!

So I also purchased this

So I can duplicate the binder this lady had!! I am going to be a coupon MONSTER!! I spent a few hours yesterday scouring sites with coupons. Watching you tube on "how to do it" I am SO EXCITED about saving money on stuff we need anyways..

And I also discussed with the hubs when I can get stuff for free I am going to start a big box of stuff for one of the charities or "food banks" in our area! I can see the overflow becoming a certain problem..ha ha..

Look out retailers I am going to find you and the best deal I can get!


GERBEN said...

Wow! I am impressed!

Teresa said...

Ahh I am catching up and I am in love with you for your couponing craze lol. Where are you finding yours?! I know online but a lot of times I have such a hard time finding them for good deals here and besides that Alaska is super expensive. Boo!

Note to self...must obsess over coupons haha.

Employee No. 3699 said...

That is amazing. Any chance you'll throw some links to these coupons on your blog?

Mrs R said...

Wow Congrats!!! I need to know your secrets.

Jacylann Nix said...

ok i just started the coupon craze...any tips? where do you find your coupons??

Emily said...

Amazed! I could never do it!

AM said...

Yeah!!! I miss using my coupons on really good sales at CVS and other places. I use coupons here, but there are no B1G1 sales or such to make really good deals.

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