Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Stuff for using the internet!

All you do is register, download the tool bar and you are randomly awarded SWAG BUCKS through your searches. Its pretty neat really. You are basically getting paid for searches you would do anyways.

It takes only an extra second to use it, and it takes a minute to get used to because I have all my frequent sites saved.

But I am ALL about getting stuff for free!!

The searches are all done through google and so its usually the same searches you would use anyways....


I have been using it 5 days and I am already at 19 points. At 45 you can get a $5 Amazon card!

7 books in 7 days!! Book Giveaway Bonanza!! Day 4
So you can read all about the giveaway here

The rules:
1. Leave a comment to enter, answering a question I will leave a the end of the post. ITS THAT EASY!!! And if you win for the day YOU PICK which book you would like to get in the mail!!

Todays Question:

Have a ever run a marathon?


The Sweet Life said...

No, but I really want to some day soon! Have you?

The Sweet Life said...

Yesterday's answer is size 7

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love swag bucks! I just started using them last week! It's great right!

I'm going with a no on today's question??

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