Friday, December 23, 2005

The Waxing Question?

So as I stand in the bathroom with my leg wedged up on the bathroom sink, hot wax in hand.. I pondered a thought...or two... See I have been waxing the whoo whoo for about 9 years now... yeah crazy I know I did it once and after the pain subsided I was hooked...and I think that is when it began, actually I think it began before that in high school because of Salinna and her arm shaving craze. See I never really had an aversion to body hair before I met Salinna, yeah I used to shave the thing, but when did body hair gross me out...
HHUUMMM not sure, but Sal started me shaving my arms, lol I needed too you could probably braid the hair on my arms if I did not. But being the perfectionist that I am the waxing has become such an art... I used to see a professional to have it done but moving out to California put me in a bit of a pickle, I had seen the same lady for over 6 years, she was great quick and pretty, I occasionally did it myself if I was in a pinch but more often I had it done for me, well when I moved out here I tried to find an estitician to take over but I became cootchy shy, yeah it was pierced but the thought of being stretched eagle on a table with a complete strangers head between my legs again left me shy....which was weird cause California was the place if you were going to get waxed it would probably be the best place to do it..All the pretty people walking around.... Well this left me to fend for myself after being here for about a month I took the plunge went to the Beauty Supply shop and bought the best thing they had ( as per the sales lady) well when I got it home it was too complicated to use, heat the wax, slather it on, add the strip... Well I finally found the best wax ever!! It’s called Brazilian Bikini you heat it and no strips required and it no longer Some spots are a little iffy but no pain... Lol,... which makes me flash back to Sara sitting on my toilet on Waverley screaming her head off....
AH the memories. But this worried me a little cause when I get old and I can no longer balance with my foot over my head to get the best leverage for removal I feel bad for the estitician that is going to have to do it.. Serious could you imagine a 70 year old walking in saying "Take It all off" See this is something I do not think I will grow out of.. I thought I would..but no, and what will I do when I get pregnant? Lol oh the worries and shaving it is no way an option I will never shave her again!!!
So this leaves me to a question does anyone else go all bare down there?
Is it still popular?

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Anonymous said...

still bare sista, still bare! I am still a waxing virgin though! I am still a shaver....all over but aon a daily basis, that's the trick! Makes for a long shower but a smooth body :) Salinna

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