Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear CVS,

You will have to excuse my randomness and punctuation in this letter.. I was pissed.. this was the clean

To Whom It may Concern,

I am writing about my concerns about a specific customer service representative at this location.

On 3 different occasions I have been so rudely treated by your associate Denise.

On this past occasion (approx 3pm on Wed June 9th) I had stopped at your store to pick up a few items. I have never been so rudely treated by any employee ever by your company. I am so offended that someone who works your cash register area would treat customers this way.

It appears to me that she goes out of her way to be rude. And it was not only to me but to other customers as well.

This particular transaction I put my items on the counter and handed my CVS extra care card while I got my wallet out of my purse she yelled at me “I NEED YOUR COUPONS” as she sighed loudly under her breath.

Now I am not sure if this is the only location that requires coupons before the transaction can be started and if this is policy then I totally understand my over site, however as much as I shop with coupons at CVS I have NEVER been “required” to hand over my coupons before the transaction can be rung up. Not to mention the lack of a smile or even a friendly tone from Denise. I always feel like I am interrupting her and she makes it very clear she is not please with her job.

Because she was so overtly rude and I am not one to create a confrontation I asked her

“Every time I come into this store it feels to me that you are always so rude to me!”

Denise responded “I am not”

So I went on to explain to her that I understand that I do use coupons and I understand that it can be frustrating (however there were only 6 items in my transaction) and if I have done something to offend her to make her always be so rude to me, Denise told me “They are such a hassle because I have a million other things to do!”

To which my response was shock, embarrassment, and I was angry.

Since when are paying customers “to much work” to a company?

I said nothing else to her other than asking her what her name was. There was another employee there as well and I asked if she was the store manager and she said “No I am just a supervisor”

Should she not have offered help? Even inquired as to if there was a problem with anything as it was obvious I was upset and she had overheard mine and Denise’s conversation?

I am so frustrated with CVS right now, I am shocked that a company would allow its employees to treat customers this way. To just tell the customers that “yes” in fact you are not important to me. I was so angry leaving that store my blood was boiling. I should have made a big scene but that is not my character. I have never seen anyone in any level be so rude or to treat people so poorly.

Because I was in shock I stood there for a moment and she was just as rude to the following 2 customers as well.

How does a company allow this to happen?

And the first time it happened I thought maybe she was just having a bad day.

For what it is worth, most of the things I get with coupons I donate some of it to local charities. I have always loved CVS for the rewards programs and ECB programs.

I am so frustrate and upset, that I have actually had my 3 prescriptions that I have always had filled with CVS transferred to another pharmacy.

I hope that this information will be forwarded to Denise’s manager. I am certain if I was treated like this, many other customers must have been as well.


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Steph said...

What a biotch. Sounds like you were justified in your complaint. People that work with the public need to remember exactly that, you work with the public. How rude!

Unknown said...

you go girl! tell her like it is! I can't stand it when you get rude people like that... I dont like my job either but Its no reason to take it out on people I work with... good for you though!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

She should be thankful that she has a job in these hard economic times....

Dixie said...

Keep your couponing ways and go out of your way to make sure you get to have denise ring your transaction! And write a complaint letter E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E she is rude. She won't be there long. Trust!

Or just tell her she doesn't need to be jealous of how smart you are with your money by using coupons.

Or tell her since she's too busy being a bitch, you'd like to have someone else ring you up and then refuse to let her touch your stuff! Demand that someone else come and do it. I don't give a shit if they have to call the manager at home to come in, someone else is taking care of me!!

Those are just a few of the things I have done or said.

Using coupons (especially in this economy) is being a smart steward of your money. Don't let her get to ya'!!

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