Sunday, June 06, 2010

Insert foot in mouth here...

I tend to sometimes not have a filter.

I say what I am thinking almost all the time.... And some times I should REALLY just not say anything.

For instance:

Example 1: While at the hospital with food poisoning while waiting for the Dr. 2 of the nurses explained he was called to a "code" which was what was taking so long.

Well when the Dr finally got to our room and diagnosed me the conversation went something like this.

Dr. "I apologize you had to wait so long, we have reviewed you test.. blah blah....."

Me "Yeah the nurses said you were attending to a "code" I hope you were able to save the person"

Dr. "No I was not able to, she passed away"

Me "Oh I am so sorry"

Example # 2:

A table of 10 ladies come in for lunch on a Friday

Me "Hi ladies, looks like we are a wedding party when is the big day?"

Bride to be "Tomorrow, I am so excited, all the ladies are going out for lunch and the guys are all out golfing today while we do girl stuff"

Me "Oh that's funny, I have a friend who's wedding party the guys went golfing the day before the wedding and they all forgot to wear sunscreen so all the wedding pictures they were so burnt it looked like they were all still wearing their sunglasses...pretty funny huh?"

Bride to be and WHOLE wedding party immediately start texting like mad....

Example 3 :

Table of 12 walks in, they are all hugging and kissing like they have not seen each other in forever..

Me " Hi everyone... it looks like we are out celebrating today.. Whats the happy occasion?

Party "Oh we are all in town for a funeral"

So yeah I think I have some things to work on....


Brittany Ann said...

In your defense, Example 3 could happen to anybody! It totally makes sense! You were just being polite and nice!

Which, again, you were just trying to do in all the other circumstances, as well.

No guilt, sister. No guilt.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hahaha, I love situation number 2. I bet that's all the bride could think about the rest of the day.

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